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Too late to consider VBAC/Dr. switch

Hi ladies - Just looking for a little advice.  I am 30 weeks along and have planned this whole time to just to a scheduled C-section at the small community hospital where I had my first child.  For whatever reason, I am second guessing that now and wondering if I should look into a VBAC.  This would require finding a different doctor and hospital, which would be an hour away or so.  I do have a few recommendations from friends.

I do not know how strongly I feel about a VBAC but I'm starting to get anxious about the idea of another csection.  Am I crazy to start thinking about this and looking into it this late in the game?  

With my first daughter, I basically had a cs due to failure to progress. She was nearly 2 weeks late, I never dialated, she never dropped, nothing.  I am just nervous to switch things up this late in my pregnancy. 

I could use any encouragement or advice you may have to offer.  Thanks so much!

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Re: Too late to consider VBAC/Dr. switch

  • I think it couldn't hurt to look into it. You could always just talk to the new doctor and see how you feel about from there?
  • Do some research on VBAC vs. a RCS and see which you're more comfortable with.  I've had 1 successful vaginal birth followed by 2 c/s and I switched docs so I would have a shot at a VBA2C.

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  • I would call the potential VBAC office and see if they would take you this late. Good luck!
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  • I just switched providers at 30w to a more supportive midwife. Not too late but they do have to review your file so call!

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  • I switched at 32 weeks, definitely not too late! Good luck
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  • It is not too late!! I switched around 34 weeks and had a succesfull VBAC. Talk to your potential new dr and see how you feel after that.
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