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I'm not sure where to begin. I guess I just never thought I'd dealing with things that would lead me to post on this board. My DS is currently 19 months and our biggest concern is his speech or lack of speech. He currently has a word count of 0. I had been so hoping by this point I would have heard at least mama from him and that alone has been tough on me.

I'm concerned he has more than just a simple speech delay since he doesn't try to mimic words or animal noises, though I have gotten him to mimic some sounds. He does babble and he his own jibberish which I can understand when he means yes or is asking for help by the intonation of his squawking from another room if he's trying to communicate with his dad. He seems to understand us for the most part and I can ask him to go put something away or bring me something and he'll do it about 75% of the time at least. I have been teaching myself some sign language and he has picked up on a few signs that have helped with him communicating with us. He knows milk, more, please, help, eat, and all done.

He has some other health "issues" and has been in PT since 3 months old for torticollis and is now also getting help correcting his walking as he turns his right foot outward a lot. He had an MRI done in October to rule out possible CP and the scan found a pituitary gland cyst and possible spina bifida at s2-s3. I hate that the report says "possible" so we don't know for sure. He'll get another scan next fall to recheck everything. He also had a tongue and lip tie that was revised in October in hopes that it would help with his Soeech but we've seen no improvement yet, except he has been able to move his tongue more.

I was able to get him a speech eval earlier this month and he was diagnosed with both excessive receptive and expressive speech delays (meeting 9 & 12 month milestones) though I think he isn't as bad as the therapist thinks because he is a shy child to begin with and she spent less than an hour with him. Currently waiting to see if insurbace will cover speech therapy. And with her recommendation I got an evaluation with our local early intervention program and after the holidays we'll have a meeting to discuss if he qualifies for services.

I feel like I am rambling but I am at a loss at what else I can do for my son. I am sick of the looks people give me when they ask about his talking and I have to tell them that he doesn't talk. I worry that he will never talk or he will be diagnosed with other "issues" as he gets older. And with his little sister due next month that puts me more into a panic that I won't have enough time to help him work on his speech development of anything else that may come up.

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  • Welcome to our board!

    Your DS's speech delays sound a lot like how DS started out when he was full of gibberish and a lot of his screams and intonation were his only form of communication.

    DS still receives speech therapy at 5.
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  • Welcome. It's so hard not knowing what's going on. Hope you get some answers soon.

    DS is 26 months and only has one word that he developed not too long ago. But he also has poor receptive language. When people ask about his speech, I don't go into details. I normally just say something like, "Oh, not yet." Then they either say "well he's still so young" or try to get him to talk to them. Earlier today, a lady tried to get him to say "hi" for a few minutes. I just smiled and let her try while we were in line.
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