Meeting with EM Tomorrow!!!

I got a call today that we were picked by an EM who is due in early January! (AH)

She wants to meet tomorrow for lunch.  I want to make a good impression. SW suggested flowers and an album for now, so that is what we are going with.

Does anyone have any advice? Tips to help tomorrow go smoothly? Questions you wished you had asked or hadnt asked? 
Thanks soo much- my brain is just swirling and I can't think straight! 

Also- fun anecdote- when my social worker called me I was in line to check out at a craft store. I can honestly say, I think there are a bunch of crafters who think I am a CRAZY PERSON) Let's just hope I make a better impression tomorrow. LOL


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Re: Meeting with EM Tomorrow!!!

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     We are meeting with our SW in the morning to sign some papers and give them our cashiers checks. Then driving about an hour and a half to lunch where her SW and her mother will be there. No one has said boy or girl yet, so we are thinking it might be a surprise.

    It is considered an official match, but in our state she has 30 days after the birth to change her mind. So it's safe to say we are cautiously optimistic.

    I forgot to add- thanks that is great advice! I think I will let her take the lead and ask easy questions to begin with. Thanks again!


    "Even miracles take a little time"

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  • That's so exciting! Good luck!
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  • That is so exciting! I have zero advice, but I'm sending you all the good vibes!
  • Congrats! All these Jan babies! Pinkie's advice is solid. I'd follow her lead to start and let her ask any questions she has. Be prepared to talk about family life, life and parenting views, and children plans. I think it's also a great idea to ask her about how she's feeling, baby movement, pregnancy stories, etc. Being an EMom can be lonely because you can't experience pregnancy happiness like anyone else and it feels good to be able to gush with someone every bit as excited as you are. Good luck!
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  • That is one big xmas present! Congrats!!!!
  • Thank you so much everyone!
    This is one big Christmas present! (And DH's birthday is tomorrow!) Busy and Exciting Week!


    "Even miracles take a little time"

  • This is such exciting news!! I am so happy for you!!! 
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  • Please let us know how the meeting goes!!! Sending lots of positive energy your way!!!
  • That is such great news!!! Merry Christmas to your family and Happy Birthday to your husband. I will be sending good energy your way too and good luck!
  • Oh that is such exciting news! I really hope everything went great today! Please keep us updated.

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  • In so glad that things went so well. Congratulations!
  • I'm so excited for you!!!
  • So exciting!!! Congratulations!! Keep us posted on your wonderful news :-)
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