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13 Days Past IUI and HCG 21 but light bleeding for 2 days

Hi all: Brand new here and first time ever being a tiny bit pregnant! Excited but very cautiously so.

I got a very faint positive on the Early Response home pregnancy test, this AM which was confirmed by a 21 HCG blood test administered by my OBGYN today. 

We did IUI (with Clomid and Ovidrel) on Dec 9th -- 13 days ago and my last period started November 27th so this is day 26.

I have been having light bleeding -- more than the occasional spotting but not as heavy as a period -- on and off since yesterday.

I am VERY nervous that this pregnancy is not really taking . . . Doctor says we are a go but of course it's early.

Anyone out there with similar experiences? Would be keen to hear.

Many thanks.

Re: 13 Days Past IUI and HCG 21 but light bleeding for 2 days

  • No one on this board is pregnant as we are all still TTC. You might get more information from one of the pregnancy boards such as Pregnant after 35. Good luck!

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    AMH 0.1, DOR, Poor responder
    Moved to Prague, Czech Republic for IVF
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    Diagnosed MMC at 9w1d on 11/30/15
    Headed back home to Colorado 12/12/15

    DE attempt in Czech Republic!! 

    March trip to Prague canceled due to Pancreatitis. :sob:
    Headed to Prague April 30
    3 different donors resulted in 1 PGS tested embryo and 1 fresh embryo
    2 embryo's transferred (from 2 different donors) on 5/10/16
    BFP on 5/15/16 at 5dp5dt
    Beta 1 = 81 at 8dp5dt, Beta 2 = 295 at 10dp5dt, Beta 3 = 891 at 12dt5dt. Beta 4 = 2114 at 14dp5dt, Beta 5 = 4916 at 16dp5dt, Beta 6 = 13252 at 19dp5dt
    Heartbeat at 6w5d 133BPM <3
    We are having a GIRL!!! Due Jan 26, 2017

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  • Now doc wants me to do progesterone suppositories and do a repeat blood test tomorrow.
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  • Wrong board. Head on over to pg over 35 and good luck!
    me:41   dh:43 
    Off Mirena Nov 2013, On Nuvaring end of Jan, Back off Sept 2014.  Never ending cycle starting end of Sept... 
    11/14 Provera failed... cycle continues 
    12/14 High FSH (57 "midcycle")  OBGYN had no clue... about anything 
    01/15 More lab results coming back from RE. U/S showed small (1")cyst on left ovary, thin lining, and couldn't locate right ovary so  possibly straight to DE and IVF 

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  • Thanks all, posted to the right board. Sorry about the mistake.
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