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Monday grumps

DS has suddenly decided at 8 mos that he wants to sleep in bed with us. We have never bed-shared. I'm exhausted. He's happy as a clam because last night I gave in at about 3am. He slept until I left at 7:30 this morning.

I'm at work because my boss is out of PTO and scheduled an important meeting for today. So screw all of us who wanted to be off this week and next week.

DH is at home. And won't get anything done for Christmas because he sucks that way. Gggrrrrr. Life isn't fair.

Anyone else?

Re: Monday grumps

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    grace806 said:
    I'm home with the stomach flu and a "wasted" day of PTO. I'm glad I'm done everything for the holidays but grumpy that I'm cooped up in bed all day feeling like crap. (Oh but also in the plus side I lost 5 pounds!)
    All of this. DH and I are sick with the plague that DD1 introduced into our home on Saturday morning. I thought we were in the clear, but Newp... Hit DH around 9pm last night, then me around 4am. I'm praying dd2 doesn't get it. She's so little and can't afford the weight loss.
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    My monday grump has carried into Tuesday.  As mentioned above, DH and I were down with an awful stomach bug that DD1 had on Saturday.  I was super extra vigilant with DD1 - washed my hands until they were raw, washed linens, aired out the house despite 30 degree temps... and DH was not.  And I wasn't careful with him.  So even though he was starting to feel sick, he didn't tell me until hours later, and kept kissing me.

    Today, I told him to be really careful around the kids - DD2 hasn't had it, and DD1 could get it again. I told him to wash his hands often.

    So he stripped the bed he slept in last night (guest room, his choice), and DIDN'T WASH HIS HANDS.  Then IMMEDIATELY helped DD2 with something.  By the time I realized what had happened, it was like 20 mins later - so he touched all kinds of things with his germy hands from sheets where his 103 fever broke.

    WTF??  WASH YOUR F-ING HANDS!!!!!  Or you're going to be up all night with our not quite 2 year old puking on you!!!
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    Tore a ligament in my shoulder falling off my horse.  really wanted to put in some extra riding time since I'm taking some days off.  Not only will that not happen but my confidence as a rider is totally shaken so what has been my outlet and source of sanity is something that I'm now nervous getting back in to.  My source is stress relief is now a source of stress!
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