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My son is 10 months old today. He has normally been a pretty good sleeper, he would get me up maybe once or twice during the night eat and go right back to sleep. A few weeks ago he started to not nap as well at daycare, a few days he would go all day with out napping but you could tell he was dead tired. Then 2 weeks ago we went on vacation and shared a hotel room with my brother and sister in-law and there 1 year old. Now we did have a pack n play for him to sleep in however I was to worried that I wouldn't be able to get to him and quiet him down fast enough before he would wake up his cousin so he just slept in bed with us. BIG MISTAKE :(. Now he hates sleeping in his crib and will scream bloody murder when he wakes up in it.  What do i do?? As soon as we pick up him hes totally fine so I know nothing is really wrong with him. We have been trying to let him fuss it out but he screams so loud I'm afraid hes going to hurt his throat. Is it wrong to let him cry it out? Also how long is to long for him to cry? Are there any other things I can try. I really need to break the habit of him sleeping with us.
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Re: Baby Sleeping Help

  • It is natural and healthy for baby to sleep with you. I would keep it up. I think it is wrong to let him cry it out.
  • The problem is when he sleeps with us we don't sleep. He's moves around a lot in his sleep and is always waking us up.
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  • I honestly would not be concerned he would hurt his throat. Does your LO fall asleep on his own or do you rock or nurse to sleep?

    Your LO learned a new habit and now you need to re-teach him how to sleep in his crib again. I don't think it's wrong to let your LO cry. At that age I'd probably go in and comfort after a few minutes and then leave. Try to repeat until he falls asleep. If he becomes hysterical you may have to rock/nurse him to sleep again. You might want to read some sleep training books as there are a
  • My LO also went through a phase of hating his crib and we co-slept which was at times equally exhausting.  It was a phase, it passed and with consistency was back sleeping fine in his crib.  I had to let him cry it out for a while.  I would go in every 5-10 minutes and calm him down without picking him up.  Ultimately the crying just tuckered him out more and would fall asleep quicker.  This will pass.  Crying it out isnt a bad thing, but it is easier to do it when you are ready.  It is pretty tough to do in the beginning.
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