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TONS of spit up - help!

Our 5 week old spits up a LOT and is very gassy. We have tried everything I and our doctor can think of at this point - slow flow nipples; upright feeding position; burping after each ounce; gripe water; simethicone; nothing seems to work and he is constantly uncomfortable and constantly eating (presumably because he spits up so much). He sleeps with a wedge for reflux and still squirms and grunts all night. Any advice?? Please???

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Re: TONS of spit up - help!

  • Agree with PP.  DS was so much better when we started Zantac.  I hated to see him on meds so young, but he needed to eat and keep it down.
  • My 8 month old is a spitter upper. Nothing has really cured it, but time helps. Also, is he a "happy spitter"? Because the meds won't help him spit up any less, they just make it less acidic and therefore less painful. According to our ped, if the baby is gaining weight and the spitting up doesn't seem to be causing discomfort (separate from the gas pains), he says there's a laundry problem, not a health problem. It's frustrating, I know! Also, does he know how to poop? I know that seems odd, but neither of my kids could poop easily on their own until they were about 8 weeks. We became the world's foremost experts on bicycling legs and rubbing tummies, which would also help them pass gas.
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  • We are going through this with my 5 week old. I am bf and ff, and he takes Zantac for reflux. The Zantac helped, but we still had issues, so we determined my little guy has mspi (milk/soy protein intolerance) and needs a hypoallergenic formula when we supplement, and I have removed dairy and soy from my diet.
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