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3rd Trimester

Trouble controlling yourself during the holidays?

Is anyone else getting off track with their healthy eating either because of the holiday season or because it's the third trimester...or maybe both? : ) Any suggestions to stop and get back on track?

Re: Trouble controlling yourself during the holidays?

  • Yes. I've been eating all the cookies! If I weren't pregnant I'd be drinking all the booze instead so I figure it evens out. ;)

    But seriously, I just enjoy whatever I want when we have a party/event to attend and get back to my normal eating when it's done. My weight gain hasn't really changed through the holidays and we've had at least a couple events each week this month.

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  • I thought pregnancy was a great reason to eat what I want and not feel bad about it this holiday season.
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  • Ya I never eat junk like I have been but tis the season!
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  • I love to wear my 'thanksgiving pants' during the holiday season.


    I was planning on making my maternity pants my permanent holiday pants.
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