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NWMR: Museum of Natural History

DD was just shy of 2 when we took her to the Museum of Natural History because we thought she'd enjoy the dinosaurs.  We ran through the museum, glancing at things as we ran, and were done in about an hour.  Now she's 4 1/2 and into Night at the Museum and I'm thinking of trying again.  We live right outside the city so its a pretty simple day trip and we can get passes from the library so it won't be a costly trip.  They even have a Night at the Museum tour so we can check off all the sites in the movie.  I'm pretty sure DD will do well, my question is do I bring DS who is 2 1/2?  I remeber what a waste it was bringing her when she wasn't much younger, but they're different kids.  While DS is your typical crazy 2 year old boy, he's also a really good kid.  He enjoys seeing animals at the zoo and going to the aquarium, while DD still doesn't have the patience to stop and look at anything.  Do I do a girls day or do I bring DS along?  If I bring DS I'll also bring DH or my mom so we can always go separate ways if need be.

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    I'd totally bring him

    We go to the museum with DS (4 in Feb) at least 3 or 4 times a month. It's close and we are donors and he LOVES it. We just reupped our membership for the third time so we have been popping in sibce he was walking and going regularly sibce he was 2ish
    He loves it. They have great activities and because we are members I don't feel bad if the trip lasts 90 mins.
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    I have to agree with bringing him. You'd be surprised. I brought DS to Central Park Zoo, NY Aquarium, museums, libraries and he has done surprisingly well. I say bring him- he may love the dinosaurs and bring a stroller just in case he gets sleepy or whiny. Can't go wrong.
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    My DS absolutely LOVED the Museum of Natural History at 2.  My parents live in NY and took him on a trip and he was mesmerized.  I definitely think it's kid specific, but I wouldn't hesitate to take your DS along with you if you think he'll enjoy it.  Don't let your experience with DD influence you too much.  Like you said, they are different kids. 
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