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I have a nursing question

My lo is 11 months now and I no longer have any milk.. Not a drop, completely dry. This wasn't unexpected of course because I'm currently pregnant and was expecting to have a short supply second trimester however not expecting to stop completely. I've tried everything to get it to come back to no avail. Its not too big of an issue because my lo has no interest in nursing except for at night.
As I said I'm 100% breast milk free, how do I stop him from trying to nurse for comfort since there is nothing even there?

Re: I have a nursing question

  • Have you tried offering him something else to suck on (paci) or introducing another comfort item?

    I don't think there will be an easy way to getting him to stop because you'll have to refuse him if you want him to stop completely, so there will be a transition period. 
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  • Just went through this with my LO and it was about 3 nights of some serious crying. But it's good now. He wouldn't take a paci, or the "lovey" that I have tried many times to give him. A good idea for a blankie or lovey or something is to make it smell like you, I slept with mine in my shirt for a week, although it didn't work in my case but everyone else I know has had good success. Goodluck
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  • My sister tried to get her baby girl to stop using her breast for comfort since she had no more milk supply by rubbing in her nipple garlic.Her doctor suggested it because she was getting I believe a cyst  in her breast from the baby sucking. Weird but it helped a lot!

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