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Baby's First Christmas

What did you get baby for his/her first Christmas? I've honestly only got her a few things and my MIL is acting like I'm crazy. I don't remember what I got for my first Christmas and I don't think DD will either. MIL kept saying 'we always did a big Christmas for my kids first Christmas'. I actually thought about just wrapping up a remote control or an iPhone because those are her favorite things to play with lol.

So what is everybody else doing??
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Re: Baby's First Christmas

  • We don't really go all out for the first Christmas. DD was 8 months old at Christmas last year and we bought her some clothes and developmental toys because she wasn't really interested in them before that. I will admit I did go a littlle overboard on her this year though!

    LO will be 2 months old on Christmas and we bought her a kick and play piano, a couple of soother toys, and clothes.
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  • We didn't go crazy either. Although, I will admit, I bought a few more things than I originally thought I would. But I kept using the excuse that what I bought had some sort of developmental purpose. Bought some clothes, some smaller toys and a couple bigger developmental toys. I just can't see going too crazy knowing full well she'll be more interested in the wrapping paper and bows!
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