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Csection Dreams?

Both of my babies were via csection. My first csection was perfect. I stayed calm the whole time and healed quickly after. With my second I had contractions for days with no dialation. When I was finally admitted I had intense labor contractions for 17 hours. My DD heart rate dropped with each contraction. At the 17 hour mark I was still at no change. 0. No dialation. So I went in for a second csection. I was fine with that choice. I just wanted to experience labor. I was granted that wish and was fine it just didn't work out. (my first was breech at 40 weeks and version didn't take) We went in for surgery and everything was fine. As they were pulling her out I began to have chest pains that were pretty severe. Nobody seemed that concerned about it. After a few minutes they explained that it was just air in my abdomen. But by that time I was in full on panick mode. I was shaking all over and couldn't calm myself for a while. By that evening I was very swollen from head to toe. I hadn't been at all until then. I was told that it was normal. I had gained around 20 lbs of fluid in my legs alone. I weighed more when I left the hospital than when I went in. I hadn't really thought much about all of that until recently. I started having dreams of being on the operation table with chest pains and my stomach open and no one around to help me. Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: Csection Dreams?

  • I'm so sorry you had a rough birth experience. I had a C section too. I did experience shaking but not chest pains. I also had a great deal of water retention from the IV fluids. I think most of what you experienced was normal. However you shouldn't have to deal with reliving a traumatic experience every night when you sleep. I agree PTSD might be the culprit. Perhaps talking to a therapist can help you get past it.
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