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Restoration Hardware Bassinet

I received the RH bassinet as a gift but it doesn't come with bedding.   RH sells bedding (bumper, sheets, and skirt) for $200+ (um, what?!?!) but does not sell just sheets alone.   I'm not interested in all of the extras and certainly not for $200.    I've searched the internet and made several purchases but haven't found bassinet (or Moses basket) sheets that safely fit the mattress.   Has anyone found a solution?  Maybe you found a brand that fits or have a sewing pattern to share? 

Thanks ladies!  

Re: Restoration Hardware Bassinet

  • Um, don't use their bedding?  I would measure the mattress and go to BRU.
  • You could probably sew some sheets or find someone on etsy to make them if you have the dimensions.

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  • I just looked, and there are lots of custom bassinet sheets on Etsy where you can send them the dimensions and pick the fabric for $40-$50. Honestly, for as short of a time as you're going to use the bassinet (we did for less than 3 months), I would probably use a regular crib sheet or pack and play sheet and just pin or tuck the extra under the bottom, but that is probably not as safe because there's a chance it could come loose.
  • We had a similar problem with our arms reach co sleeper, their brand sheets are $30 each and normal sheets don't fit properly. Our solution? Pillow cases!! It's brilliant they fit perfectly :)
  • We use pillowcases on the bassinets at the hospital where I work as well. Worth a shot!
  • Would a changing pad cover work?

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    I could hold you for a million years to make you feel my love.
  • The pillowcase is a really good idea!
  • I got a great bassinet sheet on Amazon. I think the brand is Kushies and it comes in different colors and patterns for an oval bassinet.
  • I'm curious about the bedding you opted for. Did you end up using a bumper? I have the same bassinet without the linens. I tried a Carter's knit standard bassinet sheet. It's 14 x 31, which is a little off from the 31 1/4 x 17 RH mattress, but it fits snugly and safely. I found someone on Etsy who does custom orders (https://www.etsy.com/shop/QuinnsQuilts?ref=l2-shopheader-name) and I'm considering ordering some pieces, but my biggest dilemma at the moment is the bumper. I've read about oxygen circulation, the need for ventilation, and I know there's a camp promoting simple, empty cribs and bassinets. However, there's something unsettling to me about putting my little one into a wicker bassinet without any sort of padding. I love the bassinet and it's not rough to the touch, but it's begging for something soft. Help!

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