Finally intro and just venting!

I don't think I ever introduced myself formally though I have been reading and sharing with a lot of you.  I'm Jess (38), DH (41) and I are one document away from completing the dossier for an international adoption (Peru).  We have been married for almost 17 years and have a 15 year old son.  We have been TTC for 12 years with IUIs and IVFs under our belt. We made the decision to adopt December 2013 and so we have had a year of paperwork to make that happen.  We have the added headache of being a military family so every paperwork and police clearance seems to take months since we are talking 11 moves, 8 states and 3 deployments make it harder for the government to give us the ok     8-}  Well we are finally nearing the end and we are excited for the next step.  
Cue the vent:  Well now that our part is done we are waiting for the agency to do their part (document translation, document verification etc).  I hate waiting especially since they don't give us any updates and we do have some documents that need to be sent to the adoption country before they expire and we have to redo.  Question:  Is it ok to call the agency once a week if we have not heard from them just to make sure everything is still good?  I don't want to sound like a looney to them but I also want them to know that we are anxious.  
Thanks to this site and all of you I am learning so much about this process and not biting my fingernails as much these days. 

Re: Finally intro and just venting!

  • Welcome officially! No experience on the side of adoption but that sounds sound crazy to me.
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  • Once you're approved and matched, do you know how long the wait will be in Peru? Do you have to live there at all? Good luck with everything! Our daughter was 19 years old when we adopted our now 4 month old son:)
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  • Oh and I would call weekly;)
  • @alishakay:  Well I was born in Peru and Peru has priority for peruvian natives living overseas but we really don't know how long the match will be though they say if I adopt from their waiting angels list it will be shorter.  My husband and I both have to travel to Peru once we are matched but only one of us must stay for 6-8 weeks, the other can return within 2 weeks.  Our son is very excited about this and he cannot wait :-)

    Thanks everyone!
  • Ok so I bugged the agency a LOT these past weeks and had not gotten as much as an email.  I sent an email Monday about the next payment I need to make to them (I knew darn well I didn't owe them anything right now:) I got a response from them yesterday saying our stuff was approved and it will be going to Peru next week:) YEEEEEYYY we are ecstatic!! However, it makes me think that I was pushy and relentless calling and bugging them, Did that make them work faster?  Should I just let it be and not get so pushy and stressed about it?  I just think they should at least throw me a bone here and there, a phone call, an email, something letting me know the process is on track, Don't ignore me for three weeks, don't you think?  Maybe its just me :-(.
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  • No, I'd be annoyed if I didn't get so much as a "we're working on it!" email in three weeks, when you're obviously anxious to know what's going on.  Glad your stuff is almost on its way!
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  • Thanks guys!! I'll show this to my hubby who was thinking I was being pushy  :))
    But yes we are super excited about the progress!
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  • Squeaky wheel gets the attention unfortunately.  Taking ownership of your process is not pushy, it's smart.  No one else is watching out for your family the way you will!


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