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IMPORTANT Bookmark M12!

Hi everyone! Since the 2015 BMBs are going up, the 2012 ones will no longer have a link on the main page. If you haven't bookmarked the board, please do so!
countrygrl5533eyenigh[Deleted User]

Re: IMPORTANT Bookmark M12!

  • I thought there was another page created.  I missed a lot after theBump started making changes; computer would crash every time I accessed site.
  • @take5 There's a social group I made just in case they completely get rid of the board. Sent you an invite.
  • Nunz bust me an invite pls, just in case I change my mind later  LOL

       would hate to lose touch with some of you ladies :)  shame we lost so many to FB, 
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  • Thankyou kindly  :) and I even remembered to bookmark it too LOL

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