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Ughh hate cold and flu season!!

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Have to vent somewhere... On Monday I got a message from DD1's school that both her teacher and the director were out due to being sick (we go to a tiny 25 kid school with only a half day program). And that some other kids were sick too. I immediately pulled her out and kept her at home for the rest of the week so she wouldn't drag something home. Of course it was already too late, she's been coughing and sneezing since Wed. And despite rigorous separation and hand cleaning my barely month old Newborn is now sneezing and has snot coming out of her nose! So mad!
Parents who send their semi-diseased kids to school should be whipped!!

Re: Ughh hate cold and flu season!!

  • I know it's frustrating, but a lot of the viruses this year are terrible because the kids are only contagious before they're symptomatic. My kiddos are both on their 5th cold of the season. DD has had one cold before this year (she's 2 years, 5 months), and DS is 8 months. Bless his heart, I don't think the child remembers how to breathe out of his nose.
  • Mine just got better and now the grandparents are visiting and one of them is sick. So help me they better keep it to themselves. I can't take another week like last week. I hope your little ones get through it quickly! Hugs!
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  • We had to cancel the family Christmas get-together because SIL & MIL are sick... 

    IMO, all too often people are quick to have their kids back to school before the "24 hours symptom free" mark which absolutely sucks.  I think I could stand on a soapbox for an hour about how annoying this is (daycare had one family that refused to ever do this and would get pissy when they'd call the gal to pick up her kids an hour later because they were either running a fever or had thrown up, and as such it'd keep a reinfection cycle going with daycare, it was MISERABLE!  I think finally daycare said "maybe another center would be a better fit for you" to them. 

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