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3rd Trimester

Contractions have started! but no baby yet :(

So last night at around 3 am I started getting contractions it feels like a pressure on my lower belly and it travels to my lower back like back menstrual pains... contractions were getting closer together like 5 to 8 min apart just not too strong, bearable. When I decided to check in to the hospital, Dr told me I was only half a centimeter dilated and told me that contractions were most likely triggered by having sex, since I had sex the night before... she said she didn't discourage sex because because baby's full term and sex can help kick start labor. So i was sent home... contractions have continued but areally very irregular and not too strong at all. I know they're not braxton hicks otherwise they would have stopped when I changed positions. Has anyone had an experience like this?

Re: Contractions have started! but no baby yet :(

  • With my other pregnancies if I had sexy I would have very intense "contractions" that never lead to labour. I was dehydrated they told me they hooked me to an iv and they stopped. So drink some water and get some rest
  • Aren't you not supposed to go to the hospital til contractions are under 5 minutes apart? No wonder you got sent home. Sounds like early stages of labor. The end result is a baby, pretty standard procedure. Just uh... Wait around and wait for it to get worse I guess.
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  • I hate to tell you this-- but I had these nightly "starter/practice ctx" for 3 weeks up until delivery.

    From 37 weeks to 41w2d. Every morning from 3am to 6am. It was exhausting & frustrating.

    Your time could come soon or it could be a while. Just to be clear, by full term you mean 39 weeks (not the old 37)-- right?

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  • Yes im 39 weeks... I really hope not they're irregular contractions but definitely contractions
  • They are just braxton hicks. Real contractions get worse & are not irregular. I've been in early labor for 2 weeks & am now 41 weeks so be prepared for this to last a while. With my first pregnancy it was this way as well, braxton hicks that would occur frequently but were not the real thing.
  • you could deliver today....or in 3 weeks

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