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Vomiting in 3rd tri - no nausea

I'm 27 weeks -- popping in from M15 to hear from those further along. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced vomiting during the third trimester without nausea. The first time this happened to me, it came with painful contractions & diarrhea (no cervical change). I was 100% fine within a few hours, but now 3 days later I'm throwing up again (no contractions thank goodness). I haven't thrown up at all with the pregnancy until now :-/ it just doesn't seem like I could have a bug, since I was fine for three days… and I've heard of morning sickness in the third trimester, but usually with nausea from hormones or reflux. My H is freaking out that something's really wrong (pre-e, appendicitis, PTL), but I'm not convinced at all. Maybe it's just from eating meals that are too big? Maybe it's normal & just weird to me since it's new? Any ideas/experience?

(He's insisting I call the midwife so I will. He just took my BP, too. He's trying to make up for sleeping through the preterm labor scare this weekend... Lol!)

Re: Vomiting in 3rd tri - no nausea

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    Ya I think it's from our stomachs being all squished!
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    I haven't had vomiting yet, but I do have this almost constant feeling that the food I've eaten hasn't gone all the way down, if that makes any sense. Pair that with insane constipation, and I assume it's just a mix of being backed up, and having everything squished inside. If the vomiting doesn't ease up, though, I'd talk with your doc. Dehydration is a bitch. 
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    I don't have nausea so much but still vomit on occasion. Mostly in the morning and after brushing my teeth.
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    Sounds like reflux to me. It's super common in the third tri and it can come with or without heartburn.


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    This has started for me recently, only I've vomited just once, but had random diarrhea, usually in the middle of the night (including also at the time I was vomiting. Cute.) No other symptoms, feel completely fine otherwise, but it's happened about a half dozen times in the past two weeks. Mentioned it to OB, and she shrugged it off. I guess if she's not concerned, neither am I. Just another pregnancy nuisance, I suppose!
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    Thanks everyone! Glad to know I'm not alone. I wasn't worried, but my H really was. He was reassured when the midwife wasn't the slightest bit concerned (she thinks I have a virus). I really hope it's more of a pregnancy thing related to GI squishing than a virus!
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    Yes, this is me right now. I asked Ob about it, explained that my vomiting is random, I don't feel queasy or anything, just vomit even in mid conversation, his only explanation is that there's not enough space as before in stomach and to eat smaller meals and no longer eat/drink at same time, to eat first, wait a while and then drink something.
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