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Hi, I am wondering if there are any other Inner Loop new moms out there due in 2015. I'm due August and I have only recently moved to Houston from the UK and I would love to meet some parents to make friends with.

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  • Hi!

    I am due with my second in March. I am a native Houstonian, but just moved back to Houston this summer after living outside of London for 10 months. I live inside the loop as well. I miss living in England so much! How do you like Houston so far?

  • I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I have just moved here from Australia 4 months ago and we got pregnant pretty soon after arriving. It is all pretty daunting, especially not knowing much about hospitals and things.
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  • Hi there, my husband and I moved from NYC about a year ago. We are due in December. Would love to meet other moms-to-be/ transplants. I'm in the heights area.
  • nyc2hounyc2hou member
    Glad to see some people posting on here again! My husband and I are moving to Houston from NYC next month...and due with our first in early Sept. We're still looking for a place but expect to live inside the loop. Would be great to meet some mommy friends!
  • Hello, We moved here from California and I was fortunate enough to have discovered the Motherhood Center. They took total care of most of my prenatal needs. They offer tons of prenatal yoga classes and massages 7 days a week and all my new like minded friends I found there. A real blessing! located near Central Market in the River Oaks area. 
  • Hi Everyone! I live in Montrose and I'm expecting my first in early November. I moved here 4 years ago from Hawaii and would love to meet up sometime if anyone is interested. Where inside the loop is everyone else?
  • slhersheyslhershey member
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    Hi inner loopers! I'm fairly new to the inner loop area but not Houston. I'm near the heights & montrose/river oaks. I'd love to form a group!!!
  • crysgxcrysgx member
    Hi there ladies! Just discovered this Houston Group. I hope you are all doing well! I love just outside the loop and work in river oaks, in very familiar with the montrose/heights area etc. I'm a FTM due Nov 7!
  • Would anyone be interested in making a meeting time & place around the heights/river oaks/montrose area?
  • I am due in December and live in the East End. Houston is my home, now and forever. I would love to meet some other expectant mommies in the area!
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  • slhershey said:
    Would anyone be interested in making a meeting time & place around the heights/river oaks/montrose area?
    I am so down!!! Once the weather clears up we should get froyo or something else yummy!
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  • Yay! I'd like that!
  • @vashleyhernandez I am Inner Loop, by like two exits! hahaha Not that I ever trek outside 610, except to see family! :-)
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  • Hi inner loop ladies! My hubby and I live in Montrose, due with a baby boy 12/29. I'm originally from NH, but have been in Houston for 6 years. Would love to meet up if that gets arranged!
  • I'd love to get something arranged. Anyone have good suggestions of meeting spots? I haven't lived inner loop too long & not sure of good places to go with kiddos.
  • Well I'm not a Mom yet, so having trouble thinking of kid friendly meet up options! Ladies, any suggestions?
  • Hey laidies! At discovery green there is something called "toddler Tuesdays". With the weather about to get more comfortable this would be fun. https://www.discoverygreen.com/1143017
  • Hey there! Due in March and looking for a walking buddy at Memorial Park. I run when I can but not fast and so sadly barely running at all. I thought it'd be fun to have a waking buddy instead. I usually go early weekday mornings before work.
  • Hi ladies!!! I REALLY encourage you to join the Facebook group 2015 Inner Loop Babies!
    That's really how you will get connected! They have events weekly you can attend to meet other mom's and they're great for getting out of the house. :)
  • OR if you live in the Heights. Which I do. And this is my favorite group, I go to 2-3 events weekly with my 3 month old. Join the Moms in the Heights Facebook group.
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