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Autism appointment question

Tomorrow, DS has his appointment to get his diagnosis at the autism clinic. I purposely didn't fill out his paperwork (an assessment and an intake packet) until tonight because I'm still kind of in denial and thought that maybe by now some of the red flags would have disappeared. Now I'm worried that I'm going to somehow mess up this appointment by unintentionally downplaying some of his behaviors. DH will be there too, but right now he's not sure how he feels about everything (the other day he talked about pulling DS from therapy because he's not seeing immediate results and thinks he "just needs time to be a kid").

So my question is, how much emphasis is put on the parents answering questions? During his EI, OT, and ST evals, it seemed like a good bit of the score came from my answers on the assessments rather than interacting with DS.
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Re: Autism appointment question

  • How old is the kid? (Mobile)

    My DS was 2ish. A lot of his results did come from my answers, but the doc also witnessed him do things that cemented her answer.

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  • I didn't think about bringing any other reports, but I think I'll dig out his EI evals.

    @Junebug060609 He's 2 years 2 months.
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  • Try to breathe, you can do this.  Most likely you won't get a dx tomorrow anyway, will they have you come back in a few weeks for the results?  That waiting time is difficult.
    They didn't tell me. I was under the impression that it would all happen and we'd get results tomorrow, but it would make sense if they needed more time.
    DS 10/2012
  • Thank you ladies for the responses. I tried really hard not to understate anything when talking to the psychologist. I might have done it a little on one of the assessments that I had to fill out there, but I had DH go through it and tell me anything that he disagreed with me on. That helped a lot. I also gave them copies of all of his EI assessments and goals sheets from his case worker. The psychologist scheduled a phone call for next Wednesday to go over the results.
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