Failed first glucose test!

So I failed my first glucose test and the nurse said that my results were really high and I freaked me out so I have to go back tomorrow for the second one and I'm scared about what happens if I fail that one! The nurse also told me that I'm anemic and this is all freaking me out to see how this effects my two little twins!

Re: Failed first glucose test!

  • I also failed mine and am scheduled for my 3 hour test for January 6th. My last pregnancy I bombed both my tests, so I was somewhat expecting these results. I wish I had advice on what to expect, but no clue since these are my first set of twins. What kind of twins are you carrying? Mine are di/di.
  • As difficult as it may be, do your best to be calm. 

    The anemia will be an easy one. They will put you on an over the counter iron supplement, and advise you to take it with orange juice, if possible, to help absorption. They will recheck your iron levels throughout your pregnancy to be sure you have adequate levels. 

    The 3hr glucose test will be a pain in the butt, but it will give them a more accurate idea of how your body is digesting sugars. They will help educate you about pairing your carbohydrates (breads, pastas, fruits) with proteins (meats, cheeses, nuts, beans), and talk to you about reducing your sugar intake to bare necessities (they typically want you to abstain from all sweets, limit breads and pastas to high fiber options, and limit fruit, and have the bulk of your carbs being vegetables and dairy). You will receive a meter and strips to test your blood sugar every morning when you get up, and 2hrs after each meal. If diet does not successfully control your blood sugar (which it might not if your 1hr was really high), you will likely be prescribed insulin, which they will give you instructions for taking either immediately before each meal, or only before specific meals. 

    It will be OK. Just follow through with their directives and take your health seriously :) 
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  • I failed my first one but passed the three hour, please take your iron! Like make sure it's the elemental iron which is more readily absorbed, I had to take 300 mg of pure elemental iron and still do.
  • Hang in there momma! That is tough :(
  • Lots of people fail the first and pass the second with flying colors. Don't stress out. 
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  • I failed my 1 hour and 3 hour and was anemic. I had to see the dietician and try to manage by diet. Never got to finger sticks. Was put on iron supplements for anemia.
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    I failed my one hour (first time in three pregnancies) and passed my 3 hour.  The 3 hour test was no fun, but the nurses gave me an empty room to lay down in between blood draws.  I brought books to read and everything, and basically napped the whole time :-).  I passed.
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  • Same here. Just found out i failed the 3 hr test. Im supposed to be getting a call from the diabetic specialist within 24 hrs. Yay....
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