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Another crib mattress question

I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I did a search of the board and couldn't find anything. We bought the naturepedic no compromise organic cotton classic 150 for DD and have been happy with it, but if we can find a cheaper mattress of comparable quality for this LO then we would rather go with that. Does anyone have personal experience with the Colgate Eco Classica III dual firmness mattress? I've read the reviews on Amazon, and some claim that the mattress was "too firm" (if that's even possible?), and that the mattress was too small for a standard crib (leaving a 2" gap). We are also considering the Naturepedic No Compromise Classic Lightweight and the Sealy Cotton Cozy Rest 2-stage mattress, so any reviews on those would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

Re: Another crib mattress question

  • Any certain budget you would like to stay in?

    I was hoping to keep it around $200 or hopefully less, but I keep second guessing myself because there are so many choices.
  • We bought the Colgate classica 3 dual side and are now getting a different mattress. It really does feel like a brick with a sheet on it. It is harder than her pnp and her bassinet. I wanted firm for safety, but it's just too much. You can't push down at all on it. However, if dis fit our babyletto Hudson crib perfectly. We are now getting the nook light breathable mattress! Much better for baby and peace of mind when we are done co-sleeping. There are cheaper, more comfortable options that are just as safe!



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    I have this mattress:

    My DD has no issues with it. The brand is supposed to be comparable to Naturepedic but less expensive (I can't confirm from experience since I haven't tried the Naturepedic).
  • If you are looking specifically for organic, I found this one on Amazon and its also at Costco:

    Its also budget friendly. I am a FTM though, so I cannot attest to quality, although it has pretty good reviews. 

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