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Breast pump question

Hi ladies... I'm a FTM, due in 12 days have a question & hoping some experienced moms might have some advice on this:

My insurance covered & sent us a breast pump. I'd wanted the Medela, but we ended up with the Hygenia. They are both well reviewed from what I can tell & more then adequate to 'get the job done'.  I have noticed however that Medela is def the #1 choice for most & easiest to get parts/bottles/storage bags etc for. Also, I'd been gifted a storage set from a friend, all Medela stuff & unfortunately the nozzles & btls that make it super easy to pump & store with a Medela are just not compatible with the nozzles on the hygenia... NOW, I can of course pump into the Hygenia btl provided & then decant into a medela storage bag for freezing... but I'm wondering:

If I buy the medela hoses/btls, would they attach to the hygenia unit??  Has anyone ever tried this before? Just looking to simplify...


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    I've never used the Hygeia pump, but they sell an adapter on their website that would probably work with the Medela bottles. https://hygeiainc.com/shop/spare-parts-2/narrow-mouth-adapter-ring/
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    Thanks! That's super helpful! :)
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    I know the Medela storage bags that "hook" to the pump seem really awesom, but we found them to be very inaacurate as to how much is pumped. We ended up pumping into a bottle and then pouring into a storage bag and using a grease pencil to mark the amount.

    Just FYI.


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    Hygeia is an awesome pump. Be happy you got it instead of a Medela. Hygeia is a closed system hospital grade pump. I loved mine with my first. I pumped while working until my DD was 18 mos. I plan on having the suction tested to ensure it's still in good condition for this baby.
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    thanks for the helpful info ladies!! I ordered a few more hygeia bottles as well as the adapter to use with the medela bottles I already have :) 
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