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*****how much weight did you gain while pregnant?

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how much weight did you gain? it scares me to gain so much weight.. i weighed 179 at my first appointment now im pretty sure im in the 200s im 6 months pregnant..... is that good or should i slow down? im nnew to this...

Re: *****how much weight did you gain while pregnant?

  • Your doctor will advise you.i started underweight so I attempted to gain and ended up 23# with my DD and 49# with the triplets


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    FET #1.1 1.22.12 BFN.   FET #1.2 2.22.12=GRACE! (and a vanishing twin).  

    Grace Katherine born 10.25.12 @ 36w6w 6#14oz 19.5".
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    ER 6.26.13 27 mature eggs, slight overstim. ET   7.1.13 ectopic, FET 2.1  9.10.14   TRIPLETS!!  

    Boys born 3.18.14 @ 29w5d.  Andrew Jack 3#6oz 16", Grant Robert 3#9oz 16", Charles Phillip 3#7oz 17".

  • The doctor should be able to help advise you on what to expect based on your own lifestyle and what your body is used to. Worrying about weight, though, is really only extra stress that you shouldn't be placing on yourself. Doctors should be able to let you know if there is any cause for worry, and as long as you're healthy then right now you should just be enjoying yourself.
    Every pregnancy is going to be different and the weight gain will really depend on the baby's needs/how the baby effects your body during the pregnancy. With my first I lost 15 lbs during the first trimester and then promptly gained 10 of them back by the end of the pregnancy. My most significant weight gain actually came postpartum once my milk came in. 
    This pregnancy has been iffy when it comes to weight gain. I'm 27 weeks now and have officially gained only 1 pound since my first prenatal exam (I was 157 and am now 158) but my lifestyle and appetite has changed significantly since my first pregnancy. 
    So like I said, everyone is different, and as long as you're healthy then weight shouldn't be a stress factor right now. If you do feel yourself having issues or worries with it then even adopting an easy-going exercise routine or switching up your diet to help bring in more veggies and healthy foods should help ease your mind. 
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  • Every pregnancy is different and has no direct effect of when or how you will lose the weight after.

    I gained anywhere from 14-29lbs during each of my pregnancies.

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  • I was like you and weighed 180 at the start and made my way into the 200's around the 6-7th mark as well.  Total I gained 38 lbs.  My doctor never expressed concern over the weight gain.  I think if you gain too much too quickly you may have to try to slow it down. That being said, my Mom gained 80 with me and lost it within the first year no problem.  I am still working on the last few lbs.
  • Lets see with my DS I started out at 182 and ended up at 217, so 35 pounds. This time around with DD I started out at 170 and ended at about 205, so 35 again. 

    I was surprised that I gained the same amount my second time as the first time I did not work out or watch what I ate at all. With my second pregnancy I watched what I ate much more closely and worked out 4-5 days a week through about 32 weeks when I started having PTL and was advised to stop. 

    It was very hard for me to look at the scale and see numbers in the 200's. My DD is almost 10 months and I am still up about 6 pounds from pre-preg weight. 
  • I'm 27 weeks now and have officially gained only 1 pound since my first prenatal exam;

    What has your doctor said about your weight gain? I started at 182 and am 27 weeks and weigh 184. I've also made lifestyle and diet changes since finding out I was pregnant. I had horrible habits and didn't workout at all before. My weight has gone up and down throughout. At my appointment today he said he'd like to see me gain weight by my next appointment. I'm not sure what I can do differently. I'm taking my vitamins, eating healthy foods, and doing very light exercise (mostly just walking the dogs). I would hate to eat poorly just to try and put on extra weight. Both baby and my belly have measured well every time so I feel like I shouldn't have to worry about wether or not I'm gaining.

  • I'm only 13 weeks and I've gained 1 pound.
  • rms924rms924 member
    You guys are lucky! I started out at 117 and now weigh 138. 21 lbs by 17 weeks
    Me: 34 DH:38
    DS: 18 months   <3
    Dx DOR AMH .2
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  • I actually started out at 135 and made it all the way up to 205! Surprisingly, my doctor did not seem concerned because all women are so different and we crave different things. Also with your first pregnancy, you don't know what to expect. I did not have healthy eating choices but I always wanted chocolate. This time around I started at 170 and have made it up to 215 and I am only at 28 weeks! You have to also look into your own shape of where you are gaining. You don't hear this much but my first daughter was only 6lbs and 12oz but the third day in the hospital I was back down to 180 from 205, there is so much going on inside you and so different from other moms, you have to understand your own body! :)
  • see8esee8e member
    I gained 24 lbs.--was very active throughout duration of pregnancy who helped keep gain moderate and helped me bounce back; was back to pre pregnancy weight by 6 weeks PP.
  • 32 weeks and I've gained 28lbs. trying to tame it now!
  • I gained 40lbs with both and ran almost every day. With my second my gallbladder stopped functioning so I had to cut out all fats. By weight gain slowed for a couple weeks when this happens but picked back up again. I think I will gain 40 lbs regardless of what I do i the next pregnancies. (Lost it all by 6months)
  • I weighed 170 pre pregnancy and 245 a week before I was due with DD all the weigh from High Blood Pressure . Lost 50lbs after I had baby and was weighed for PP checkup.
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