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Choose a Bassinet/napper

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Update: Thank you ladies for the insights and suggestions. I have purchased a Playard.  

I can't decide which bassinet/napper to buy. I really like the motion part of the Summer Infant one, but the Graco one is more versatile.  Which one would you gals choose?

Graco Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer

Summer Infant Bassinet with Motion

Re: Choose a Bassinet/napper

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    If deciding between these two, I would get the pack n play. You'll be able to use a lot longer.

    Just a heads up though - we received two pack n plays as shower gifts. We only needed one so we set them both up and decided between them. One of them was the one you linked to, but in the go green color. The other was the LX version in San Merino. The biggest difference is the LX has a separate napper/changer attachment, light/sound device, and a storage pocket for diapers and other stuff. We found that the LX was WAAAAY nicer to us. It cost about $130 at Target when it was bought, so only $30 than the other one which was purchased for $100 at Babies R Us. The main deciding factor is the reversible napper/changer was very wobbly and not nearly as convenient as just having both side by side. We also really like having the storage pocket to help wrangle all the kid gear as we are using this as our downstairs baby station.

    For sleeping, we're using a Snuggle Nest surround. 

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    The Pack n Play works fine for us. We just have the bassinet (no napper/changer). DD has no issues with it although she falls asleep way faster in her Rock n Play.
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