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My 42 week old daughter is not crawling yet... should I be concerned?

Took my daughter for her 9 month checkup a few weeks ago... due to a scheduling error by a nurse, we were unable to see our normal pediatrician. The dr we did see, was highly concerned that she was not crawling yet. I let him know that she was born at 35 weeks, so she was a little premature and he still seemed to think that there could be something wrong. She sits very well and can pull up if I hold my arms out for her. She can stand as long as she is holding on to something but has made no effort to crawl of walk by herself...

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Re: My 42 week old daughter is not crawling yet... should I be concerned?

  • My DD didn't crawl "properly" until she was maybe 11 months and didn't take a single independant step until she was 16m.

    Is she able to move around at all?  My DD rolled everywhere, or scooted/ army crawled.  If yes, I think your DD sounds just fine.

    Some kids are early at things, some late, and some right in the middle--that's just how it is.  I think if you are still really concerned, schedule an appt with your usual ped, and relay the other doc's concerns to him/her.


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    She makes the "scooting" movement, but has not actually gone anywhere while doing it. She rolled from her back to her belly a handful of times at 6 months, then one day, she just stopped rolling. She absolutely hates being on her tummy so tummy time is not fun at all... To answer your question, she is not moving around at all.
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  • My son is 10 months old and isn't crawling or walking yet either. He was born at 36 weeks and our Dr. isn't concerned. Our Dr. said that since he can move all limbs and is on track developmentally otherwise, he's doing great. It's hard not to worry when it seems that every other baby is doing these things either at the same age or even younger than your child. My son is very laid back so I think part of it for him is his personality - he's simply content sitting and playing on the floor.

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  • You can't do much other than wait. Did your doc recommend some physical therapy?

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  • Doctor did not recommend physical therapy. I guess because this was not her normal doctor and because "technically" she was 8 months old (not really sure why dr would say she should be crawling then say that...) I'm just a first-time mom, so I am of course freaking about everything.
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  • Both of my kids starting crawling right around or after 9 months. I didn't realize that was late. I would not be worried.
  • With my first son, he never did crawl. Our dr. wasn't concerned. Some babies go straight to walking and just skip a step :) He was a chunky little thing and wasn't very mobile. He rolled and pulled himself a little with his arms but preferred pulling up and walking along the couch or a play wall mostly. He didn't walk on his own until 15 months.
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  • I'm surprised it was mentioned. 

    At 9m, my dr only wanted to know if DD was finding ways to move around and get to something. Crawling was has never been a milestone question here.

    DD didn't crawl until around 9m anyway. I do remember she wasn't crawling at the time of her 9m well visit, which was a few days after she actually turned 9m.
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  • My niece didn't walk until 15 months and ended up being perfectly healthy. She is 3 now and has no delays or problems. Some babies just develop later. My friends daughter never really crawled. She kind of just went from sitting up to pulling up to walking. Skipping the crawling stage all together. That said I am not a doctor. Did they suggest therapy? 
  • My girl is 10 months and not crawling in any way. She likes to cruise though.
  • Crawling isn't even a milestone needed to get to walking. Unless your child has other issues that concern you, I wouldn't worry. My siblings and I never crawled and I have an 11 month old who never has either. She's pretty close to walking though!
  • Any action that allows for movement in any direction is considered crawling. We encouraged our LO by being a bit mean, we put her in her tummy which she hated, put her favorite toy out of her reach. She got upset of course but we waited longer and longer to help her. Eventually to get off the tummy she pushed up, then a week later she scooted with head to floor, then army crawled, then a half scoot then finally shaky crawling to now we can't keep up with her. Some children won't ever crawl before walking, it just happens. We strengthened her arms by laying her on her back, which she also hated, and letting her pull herself up while holding into our hands. All this happened in the 8-9 month range, she is now 3 weeks past that initial shaky crawl. So there is absolutely nothing wrong.
  • My 10 month old still hasn't properly crawled. He appeared to start to crawl at 6 months, stopped, started again at 7 months, stopped, started again at 9 months, stopped, and now is actually making what looks like actual crawling motions. He's also very chubby and lazy. He won't put his feet down when you hold him up and doesn't pull himself all the way up (only to his knees). He'll look at us and complain if he wants a toy that is far away. Then if we don't get it he plays with something close by. I'm sure he'll be a late walker but really, I'm not concerned. All of my friends' kids have started crawling or walking already but some kids don't walk till much later so why can't they start crawling much later?
  • My 41 week old is not crawling either. Has no interest. She rolls a lot and can stand on her own with support and sits up fine. Dr. was not concerned at the 9month because she was doing everything else. We've been having her practice sitting on her knees when on our lap to get used to that feeling... we keep trying but we're not pushing it. :)
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  • My first daughter did not crawl/sit up independently/pull herself up, until she was 10 months old. Her 9 month check up was a month late, so by the time I took her to this appointment she was doing these things. she went from just rolling to doing all of these things practically over night.  I put a big comforter on the floor and spread her toys all over, this seemed to motivate her to try to crawl more.  she started walking right before she turned 1.
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