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Congratulations on your little bundle!

Just a few guidelines coming from various different boards. Please feel to add to this or ask any questions to clarify.

- Before you start posting or ask a new question take a minute and look around. Lurk a little and get a feel, but please post an intro so we know who you are!

Search for your answer if you're on the computer look to the right part of your screen to find the search function.  Type in a keyword for your question and see if its been asked already. We are all going through a lot and you'll likely find someone else who has already asked the same question or started the same thread. If you can not find it, go ahead and ask - we are a very knowledgeable group after all 

- Please please please!!! Individualize your signature and avatar.  These things will make it easier to recognize you & will help us get to know you in the future.  Its easier to recall personalized pictures in your avatar and siggy than just your screen name.  Make sure your screen name is not your full real name.  We advise against using your email address for you screen name as well. There is an option in your profile where you can decided if you want the public at large to have access to your email address - your screen name is not a good place for it. There are way too many crazies out there for you to be posting on the internet with your real name. It is your chance to add a splash of personality to the group!

Give support in order to receive support.  If all you do is ask questions and post topic after topic without contributing back to others questions you may not get the most warm and welcome support you were looking for.  This is a community.  We all need to contribute to keep it awesome! Ofcourse some will post more than others and we will be sure to keep that in mind. The board is still filling up so there will be a lot of post and runs and people we don't hear from again, but once we're settled this will be a good thing to keep in mind.

Please remember that we are not doctors and are definitely not your doctor. We are pregnant/expecting and our advice is based on our experiences and what others have told us.  If you think something is wrong or you are worried about something, ask your doctor.  Also, please be careful when answering medically related questions to use good information.  Link to sources is always very helpful.  Your opinion =/= safe medical advice. If you ask a question that requires medical advice you'll more than likely receive the following answer "did you ask your doctor?" Even there are health care professionals on the board, they can not give you medical advice because they don't know you. So please, ask your doctor. 

We will be honest.  If you do not want an honest answer this may not be the best place to ask your question.  We will support you the best we can but if you ask a question be ready for an honest answer. You will not find sunshine and sparkles coming out asses here.

If you need to be treated with kid gloves The Bump may not be the best place. The Bump is known for being straight-forward and honest (to a fault). If you mess around or try to pull off crap you will be called on it and you will not like it (or if you do like it you will fit right in!). We can be a great support, but we will also protect our own. Because we love us. Us is good. Us is fun. Us rocks.

Show some respect, defend yourself! But please try not to take offence at everything. The gender v. sex terminology is a good example of this. It is a new distinction so not everyone is aware of the difference yet. Fill them in, let them know and cut them some slack. Not everyone had done this before and some of us have some learning to do. Ofcourse you should stand up for yourself and your beliefs, but respect those of others and. However, when the situation calls for some tough love . . .

Flagging Guidelines 

So, what's up with the "flag" button?

All members will have the ability to report posts that will now come directly to both moderator and admin attention. Keep in mind that TB will review and take appropriate actions. This flagging option is NOT to be used as a “dislike” button or on posts that may disagree with you, etc.

The Bump will keep records of all reported posts and handle abusers of this flagging privilege individually.

In addition to flagged posts, we will continue to address any violations of our Community Rules. Review them here.

What should I flag?:

Spam- Any posts advertising services

Harassment- If you feel a user is harassing a member to an extreme level.

Online Vandalism- Posts designed to raise a user’s post count.

Personal Information- Any post where a person’s personal information is being given without their consent. This includes name, telephone number, address, email address, work information, etc.

Impersonating Other Members/The Bump Employees- Any user name designed to be a copy of another user’s name or Knot Employee.

An obvious violation of the Community Rules should also be flagged:  https://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/blogs/nest_baby_editors/pages/the-bump-community-rules.aspx

The Bump's Terms Of Use Policy

Click here: https://www.thebump.com/terms.html

Some key points are:

  • No strong, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise harmful language. Note. This does not mean that  you can't ever swear. It just means you can't use it to hurt someone else! Before you drop some colorful language, stop and ask yourself if you're using it to attack someone. Some examples:

  • Fuck, I just snissed myself- OK
  • Fuck off- OK
  • Fuck you- NOT OK 
  • My vag hurts like a bitch- OK
  • I'm surrounded by bitches today- OK
  • You're a bitch or User X is a bitch - NOT OK
  • No racially, ethnically or otherwise, objectionable language.
  • No harassing, intimidating, stalking, or threatening other community members.
  • No libelous, defamatory, or otherwise tortuous language.
  • No online vandalism. This includes using abusive language and repeatedly hitting the return key in the chat room, or otherwise acting in a manner that negatively impacts the ability to engage in real time exchanges.
  • No impersonating any person, including, but not limited to, other community members or employees of The Knot.
  • No posting, distributing, transmitting, or promoting illegal content.
  • No invasion of another's privacy.
  • No actions that are harmful to minors.
  • No manipulation or forging of identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any information posted on The Knot site or otherwise provided to The Knot or its employees.
  • No posting, providing, transmitting, or otherwise making available any information (such as inside, proprietary or confidential information) that you do not have a right to make available due to contract, fiduciary duty, or operation of law.
  • No posting, providing, transmitting, or otherwise making available any junk mail or spam.
  • No posting, uploading, emailing, or otherwise transmitting any material that contains any malicious computer code (including spyware, worms, Trojan horses, viruses, etc.).
  • No posting, providing, transmitting, or otherwise making available any information which violates regulations promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, or that of any securities exchange, such as the New York Stock ExchangeNASDAQ Stock Market.
  • No collecting, storing, or posting of personal data about or of other community members.
  • No soliciting of any kind on the message boards or in the chat room.

Archived/Dead threads (documents are no longer being updated/maintained):
Loss Blog (finally updated)


5 cycles of "TTC" - 3 intentional, 2 not so intentional.  5 BFPs.  My rainbow arrived 10/15/14.
TFMC 08.02.13 at 19+ weeks. Everyday I grieve for my little Olive.

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  • Thanks! I had a bunch of interviews last week so now Im just deciding which offer will be the best fit. I'm excited to be starting a new job but nervous to establish a new schedule. Love knowing I'm not alone tho!
    January Snow Fail

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  • @ajh1230 - Your LO is adorable!! Welcome!
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  • Hello all! I am a lurker that finally decided to join the party! My LO is 10 weeks and is my first, so I come here all the time looking for similar stories and/or advice.

    Still trying to learn all of the acronyms as well, so if anyone can fill me in, it would be greatly appreciated!!
  • Hi! I've been lurking and decided to finally post. My 3rd little man was born on Halloween, so he will be 9 weeks on Friday.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!
  • Happy New Year Ladies! Long time lurker here. I love all the awesome info and support everyone provides here. Thanks for giving me some sanity with my FTM gig. My little man is 12w 5d.
  • New here - hello all. My girl was born October 8th. Still suffering through gas and bad sleep.
    [Deleted User]mrsc928
  • Hello! I've been following this board for awhile and just started getting involved so wanted to officially introduce myself. My daughter was born Oct 1st. She is my first and i often feel like a fish out of water. This board had helped a ton!!
    jdanczyk[Deleted User]mrsc928
  • Hi! I've been lurking for a long while. I have an 11 week old. I haven't posted because I wasn't sure if I would have enough time. I thank you all for the information I have looked it and look forward to becoming a part of the board.
    SecretHoodie[Deleted User]mrsc928
  • Hi ladies! I've been lurking for a little while. Actually I just replied for the first time today on some posts and didn't realize hat I haven't introduced myself. I'm a FTM with a 16 weeks 2day old miracle baby boy. My hubby and I have been TTCing for 2.5 years before he came along. Love coming on here and seeing the support/advice everyone gives. Looking forward to getting to know you all!
  • Hi everyone! I am expecting my second child at the end of October. I have a two year old boy named Eli. We are expecting a baby girl this time around yay! 

    Look forward to meeting you all!
  • My first child is 9 months yesterday
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