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Trouble Breathing

Hi ladies! Some of you know from the weekly check-in that I've been battling bronchitis for the last few weeks. Luckily I've managed to keep the fever down but it does come and go and though most of my original symptoms are gone, I'm now left horribly exhausted (to the point that I can barely get out of bed without collapsing), and I'm coughing/choking up what can only be described as fluid, and now it feels like every time I try to exhale I'm struggling just to cope with the air. 
I've seen two doctors (including one in the ER) and each said that they didn't want to test me for anything because of the fact that I'm pregnant and they wouldn't be able to give me any medication anyway (excuses that I'm very quickly getting frustrated with) and that I should just keep an eye on my symptoms. I'm not quite sure what to do since I've now entered the third week and my symptoms, though changing, do seem to taking a negative turn.
I was wondering if any of you knew of ways to help cope with bronchitis or any breathing complications during pregnancy that don't include medication? I really don't want to have to pay an arm and leg to go to the ER just to be turned away again :( 
Thank you in advance!

Re: Trouble Breathing

  • You need medication.  It is far more important for you to be able to get oxygen to the baby than anything else.  There are plenty of medications that are prescribed for women who are pregnant, and if this continues, you are going to be hospitalized for pneumonia or worse.  If you are actually coughing up fluid from your lungs, you've got more than bronchitis.  Call your OB or GP and explain to them that you have bronchitis, can't breathe, and it's getting worse.  They should be able to prescribe you some form of rescue inhaler that will open your airways.
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  • Thank you everyone! I was able to get use of an inhaler for the nighttime difficulties/emergencies and ended up getting hooked up to fluids in the hospital last night to re-hydrate (I was apparently significantly dehydrated to the point that they were unable to draw even a half-vile of blood for testing). Now I'm just resting at home and taking it easy. The doctors still weren't comfortable offering any medications and flat out refused antibiotics as an option so it'll just be an interesting rest of the holidays while I try to manage these symptoms. Luckily they were also able to monitor the baby and I'm apparently getting enough oxygen to her and she's active enough to alleviate any worries. I just need to keep fluids constantly flowing in and out me for the next couple of weeks to make sure that I don't end up hooked back up to an iv again. 

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