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Harrisburg Hosptial NICU, I'm having issues getting to see my son...

I was originally due 2/19/15 but had him on 11/29 via emergency c-section at 28 weeks... I didn't even get to be awake for it! Right now I'm staying in Millersburg  with my parents while I recover and during our move which is a good 45 minutes from Harrisburg. My husband works in Carlisle and can stay with his mom in Harrisburg but I can't since she's a smoker and there's a lot of pet dander and I had my son due to severe pneumonia, so my doctor told me I can't be around anything like that. We're getting a place in Halifax soon just has been put off a bit. Right now I'm having issues getting to see him unless I make my husband drive me back here then drive over an hour to work at 1AM. Does anyone know if there's like a charity transportation that can at least bring me home? It's also murdering us with gas and I can't work as a nanny anymore so we're only on his income. :/ My mom has been dropping me off in the morning before she goes to work and getting me at the end of her day but the nurses told me it's taking too much out of me being there so long and also recovering from surgery and an illiness.

Re: Harrisburg Hosptial NICU, I'm having issues getting to see my son...

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    Have you looked into staying at a Ronald McDonald House nearby? Ask a nurse to talk to a social worker - they can help!! Good luck!!

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