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ingenuity sleeper instead of the rock and play?

I had the rock and play when DS was a baby (hes 3.5 now), I loved it, it was fantastic, Im a big fan. I stupidly got rid of it in one of our moves thinking I would just buy a new one when I got pregnant again. 
My mom bought me the ingenuity sleeper from babies r us the other day. It has great reviews online and id like to not have to hassel with bringing it back to the store to get the fisher price one if its just as good. 
Does anyone have this one? Its a bit different then the rock and play I had with ds. You like unzip the bottom of it to make it slanted or more flat, its much softer then the rock and play i had too. 
With DS he slept in the rock and play for a very long time, Im wondering if anyone uses this one for there baby to sleep in too. 

here the link, Im actually not 100% sure if this is the exact one I have but looks pretty close!

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