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intro/gifting question

Hi everyone!
My DH & I are recently married, not yet ttc but soonish and also open minded for adoption. I've been trying to become all natural for a while. I've successfully (I think) changed everything in the bathroom except some medicines, and I'm moving onto cleaning. I'm happy to share my journey via the blog I've been updating. So, hey guys!!

Gifting question: as people give us things that we would rather not use as it isn't eco friendly, organic, etc, I'm out in a weird situation. what would you do? I have been accepting the gifts, I really appreciate the thought and effort and don't want to offend! I use some, probably out of guilt. I give gifts that I would use, and because of that and our lifestyle in general a few of my friends understand our preference. My sweet mom is the worst though, sending me lots of things I end up giving away/holding onto forever because I'm not sure what to do.
What do you do? What would you do?

Re: intro/gifting question

  • I would tell her you enjoy her company and making happy memories with her more than you enjoy being gifted things you end up not using… I think it comes down to understanding what your Love Language is and whether or not your mom is meeting the needs of your Love Language rather than possibly filling in a hole in her own heart by transposing her own needs onto you? I think a good long heart-to-heart talk over a coffee or tea might prove beneficial! 
  • I have the same problem! I try to let my mom know, in a nice way, that often (!) I can't use her gifts (for example sent a gift basket with treats that have preservatives that we won't eat). I try to let her know because I hate waste, and also know that she has a limited income and doesn't have $ to burn. I tell her we should spend the $ at the farmers market when she visits. But I try to keep in mind she's sending it out of love. I am wondering how to approach birthday gifts for my baby... It's overwhelming, the amount of 'stuff' for babies, kids, etc. I prefer to curate her possessions so it's not just overwhelming plastic toys, etc etc. we may ask for no gifts/charity donations/school fund in place of gifts for birthdays & Christmas?
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