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Hello everyone,

It has been quite awhile I have been following some posts over here but I never had time to actually write a short intro ( I have too long of a story) but I will try!
DH and I have been married for 7 years and started TTC right after we got married. We always knew we both wanted to be parents more than anything.
We TTC for 4 years and after all the IUIs and IVFs, all what we got was 4 MCs.
We decided to go for IA. It took about 6 months for us to be matched the first time and after a baby shower, a room all decorated, and a name for our "DD", we found out the woman was never expecting. Yep, it was sad. We lost few thousands there... But we held our head up and tried for a second time. This time we didnt do the baby shower or anything. We just had the things from the last time. We went to Chicago to pick up our baby and the BM decided not to go forward with adoption. Well, I understand her because it is really hard and the girl was so adorable! no harsh feelings, though our heart was broken again and so was our bank account.
DH and I were not ready for another IA, and after lots of research and months of soul search, we decided to try Foster to Adopt! we are actually open for sibling groups of up to 4 ages 0-12. We just turned our paperwork in and now we are everyone does in this process. We are very excited about it and everyday we are learning something new!
I am excited to be here and learn more from all of you! 
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