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NBR: DH Gifts

I am struggling with gifts for DH this year. So far I have gloves for when he coaches, the Shave Club, and a box of homemade caramels.

What are you getting your DH?
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Re: NBR: DH Gifts

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    I got him a nice new electric razor ( the kind you can shave your head and face with as he always sports a buzzed head ) and a couole nice tshirts, plus all his stocking goodies.
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    Two dress shirts for work, track jacket , two giftcards for lunch ( chick fila, chipotle) since he always brown bags it and little things for his stocking.

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    Nice dress socks, new glasses case, a grooming kit, books, new razor

    Some other ideas I've done in the past:  tickets to a concert/sporting event/comedy show, winter gear (gloves, hat, scarves); wallet; cuff links, briefcase, car detailing, cards against humanity (or other game)
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    H and I stopped exchanging gifts at Christmas time. We get what we want throughout the year. We spend so much money on LO and other people that it just becomes to much. A small part of me does think it's alittle bummer but for the most part it's nice to have one less thing to be stressing about.

    This is pretty much us. My birthday is just a few days before Christmas so I get a few gifts from DH for that this time of year but for Christmas we just decided its easier to not buy gifts for the specific day for each other since we buy what we want for ourselves throughout the year. Its nice to just focus on LO and the other people we buy for. I do miss not having things stuffed in my stocking, that was always my favorite part growing up. I will buy some Christmas candy to have to snack on though :D
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    I am making DH one of those exploding love box things on Pinterest. But not until tomorrow. While he's working. I hope I finish. Lol

    Other than that, nothing. Both birthdays are in the next two months so we decided to skip Christmas for us this yet.
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