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Currently I have full time employment but with all the services that DS needs and is going to start receiving there are just not enough hours in the day to do both. So in about a week and a half I will be staying home with babies so DS and have his services. Their daycare provider has a set schedule she does with them and she does a pre-preschool curriculum with them as well including crafts. DS really isn't at that point yet to actually get involved but I have a copy of her schedule so I'm wanting some ideas for things I can do with him.

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  • At 2.5 ASD wasn't on our radar yet so I carried on without that knowledge. We did a bunch of rec center classes (music, wee toddlers- one hour in a preschool setting a week, gymnastics classes, at 3 we started other sports type classes). We also did weekly story time at the library. I unknowingly scaffolded him quite a bit. (Had him sit in my lap instead of wandering the room at the library and music class). At 3 he started preschool and an IEP and then medical Dx soon followed.

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  • I try to do a sensory activity with DS a couple of times a week. Most of the time it's just finger paints or shaving cream play, but I have a whole board on Pinterest with stuff to try.

    Our library has a baby & toddler group that we go to once a week. He has to sit in my lap and they do nursery rhymes and singing and some signing. And at the end, he gets to play with toys with other kids.

    I try to either let him in the backyard or go to the park daily. I don't always, but I definitely notice a difference on the days he gets to run around outside.

    I work on other stuff with him every day, but it just depends on what he's doing in therapy. Like when he started saying "go", we would spend an hour bouncing a ball just to make him say it.
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  • Thank you ladies! I want to get organized ahead of time so we are both ready for the transition.
  • Pinterest is awesome for this stuff.
    I search for tot school/autism/ot and find tons of things to do with DD. 
    Some are sensory (shaving cream on a cookie sheet to write letters/draw)
    Some are educational (she loves animals so found a set of letter tracing sheets that have an animal for each letter with a picture to color)
    Some are just fun things to do (indoor obstacle course which is kind of PT/motor planning I guess)
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  • I live in the same city as df, and we did a lot of the same things. Our city and some of the surrounding ones have a ton of activities/classes for kids and we tried out various things. Music classes were great, and now DD1 takes lessons. Library story time was another fun thing. We had one disastrous sports class right when she turned 3, and a summer camp that was a very mixed bag, but overall our experience has been very positive.

    It was actually through those classes that we got prompted for an eval. She was going to a sort of mini-preschool type class in the next town over, 90 minutes twice a week, for more than a year when one of the teachers asked me if we had ever had her evaluated and that she "just didn't process things like the other kids." 

    Check museums and zoos for memberships and activities. Our local art/theater center does classes and events as well. I don't know if you have something similar, but for us there's a Colorado Parent magazine for free at grocery stores and libraries, etc. that lists tons of activities and events each month. 

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