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OBGYN recommendations?

Hi.  I'm new to the area and looking for OBGYN recommendations.  I am currently living in Oxford but would be willing to travel to northern Cincinnati.  Thanks!

Re: OBGYN recommendations?

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    Hi! Just wanted to say welcome. I don't really have a recommendation that will work for you. But I went to Mt. Auburn Women's Center and loved all the doctors. They do have a location in Mason but it still might be too far for you. GL!
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    Thanks to you both. Mt. Auburn is a bit far for me. I made an appointment at Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates in Liberty township.  Hopefully I will like that practice.  This is my first pregnancy and I am somewhat nervous! 
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    I'm 4 weeks 5 days. Thanks for the recommendation! If I don't have a good feeling about obstetrics and gynecology after my appointment on Wednesday, I'll look at women partners. Good luck to you too!
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    Thank you @mbbach
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    Premier OB !! Only two doctors on staff and both are amazing !!!
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    I've never posted to this board, but I LOVE my OBGYN - Kurt Froehlich. His office is over in Montgomery/Kenwood close to B-North. He is wonderful and amazing. FWIW, I'm in Butler County too.

    If for whatever reason I could no longer go to him, I've heard great things about Hilltop OBGYN. Their offices are in Atrium Medical Center in Middletown.

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    Lisa Yang is great. She delivered my twins vaginally.

    Christ has the highest c/s rate in the state of Ohio. Good Sam is the busiest L&D unit in the state. Bethesda North (#2 busiest L&D in the state) is a happy medium I think...busy enough to be competent (level 2 special care nursery), but not so busy that you would ever have to share a room on the mom baby unit.

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    Yikes! I did not know that about Christ. Where can you find these kinds of stats?
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    Hi, I randomly thought I would check back in on this thread today.  I ended up miscarrying my first pregnancy, but am pregnant again and due in Dec 15.  I'm seeing Cincinnati Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates in Liberty township still and I like them alright.  They do all their deliveries at Mercy Fairfield.  Any thoughts on this hospital?  They also just started delivering at West Chester Hospital but because its affiliated with the University of Cincinnati it would be in the top tier of my insurance so I'm leaning towards Mercy.  
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