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6 Weeks Pregnant

What does your morning sickness feel like?

I am 6.5 weeks along with my very first pregnancy and I was beginning to think I'd get to avoid any kind of m/s. But then I realized that each afternoon, my stomach starts to feel a little unsettled and sensitive and the thought of eating makes me sick. The feeling reminds me of times I've been carsick or motion sick on a boat. I am thinking that this is my version of morning sickness. No vomiting yet though! Keeping my fingers crossed! 

What does your m/s feel like and what are you doing to help relieve it?

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Re: What does your morning sickness feel like?

  • I explain it like you have one too many glasses of wine the night before and you just feel off the next day.  Not quite hungry but if you don't eat it gets worse.  Nothing seems to relieve mine I just feel like crap most of the day
  • Mine is a combination of a bunch of different nausea.  I already get bad motion sickness when I'm NOT pregnant, so it is magnified now.  I'm also already really sensitive to smells, so now it is to the point just smells are making me gag and vomit.  This morning DD (7) was eating a bowl of Cheerios and the smell made me gag RIGHT THERE.  She totally didn't get what was going on.  And then I also have the hangover without the booze feeling... I feel like I just have to put something in my stomach to ease it, but the thought of anything is nauseating. 
  • Mine feels like motion sickness or a really bad hangover  - it comes on first thing in the morning and back again at 10 and lingers until after lunch.  I've tried switching my vitamin to bedtime but haven't seen a difference.  The only thing that helps is I eat apples and a string cheese - I think (just my best guess) it comes on when my blood sugar is dipping.  I am so super turned off from food right now.

  • mine feels like I am car sick as well. I haven't thrown up yet but for a few hours each morning my stomach just feels uneasy.
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