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I was wondering if anyone here has bought a Christmas gift for BM yet this year, and if so would you be willing to share what you bought or ideas of what you plan to buy? I over analyze when it comes to gift giving, and now I'm on a time crunch as we are meeting this weekend. I wanted to personalize something but I just couldn't put my finger on the right gift. I had gotten her a personalized necklace for her birthday a couple of months ago at Things Remembered so that option is used. I did take LO to the mall yesterday and had his picture taken with Santa and bought 2 of those picture key chain things to give to her and her daughter, but I can't show up with just a plastic key chain, although I know she'll love it. Any ideas, suggestions?!

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  • I always love handmade things. think it creates a lifelong memory...
  • I tend to do things that are in line with DD's birth family's interests. Her birthmom loves the color red, and always wears fingerless gloves, so I knitted her a pair. This year I'm crocheting her a rainbow Christmas tree, because she saw one at our last GTG and i knew it would be perfect.

    A go-to is always something like a photo book (you could take pix to Kinko's and get one made pretty quickly I think). You could also put your LO's picture into a snow globe--Things Remembered may have something like that, or even a craft store.
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  • We made B's first mom a photo book on Shutterfly. We are giving it to her this weekend. I really hope she likes it!
  • Oh, I just saw you are meeting this weekend and need something quick. You could always get a plain photo album to out pics in. Plaster casts of LO's hands and feet would be cool, too.
  • Oh yes, and ornament! I saw a cute one where you have a painted handprint of your LO on it. That would be super cute
  • Definitely second the ornament! Very special. I did a pinterest search (where all my Christmas gifts come from) there's a cute book with the title "my family, my journey." Maybe include those words on a canvas, little feet in heart shapeS? I'm really not creative, haha. Beautiful words, not sure if it fits your situation though. Let us know what you choose!

  • I like the handprint on the ornament idea! Is there special paint you would use for babies?
  • For our son's birthparent we are doing a shutterfly calendar and a t-shirt that I know she'll like and probably a framed 8X10 photo.
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  • I made the salt dough handprint ornament and I put the year and his name on it! I love it! I'll let you know what she thinks after tomorrow:) Fingers crossed it's just the right gift!
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  • I'm pretty sure BM liked the ornament, she doesn't show a lot of expression, but after we left she text me and thanked us for letting her spend time with the baby and seemed more emotional in her text. I don't think she wants us to see her vulnerable side face to face. I even remember in the hospital after delivery when we stopped in her room she had tears in her eyes and said something on tv made her cry, lol. It was a great visit, everyone was happy and the baby was a chatter box, I think she really enjoyed seeing him happy and playful!
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