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Moving to Tennessee Knoxville area

Hello I am 24 weeks pregnant and will be moving to the Knoxville area in January. I am a VBAC mom, expecting my 3rd child. I was searching for an all natural birthing place and started researching the St. Marys Birth & Midwifery Center, and also the Lisa Ross Birth and Women Center. Ive reade some bad reviews on the Lisa Ross place and some pretty good one on St Marys. Does any of you mommys have any experience with either one of them, or any other good place that will accept to do VBACs??

Thank You

Re: Moving to Tennessee Knoxville area

  • I gave birth at St. Mary's with Dr. Brabson, who works with 3 or 4 nurse midwives. Brabson did my delivery, it was great. The nurses there were amazing! I liked that we didn't have to change rooms post-delivery. Unfortunately our new insurance doesn't cover delivery there, so I have to find someone new for my current pregnancy :(

    I'm sure their practice would be open to VBAC.

    As for Lisa Ross, they have a pretty good reputation as far as I have heard. Everyone I know who delivered there had a completely medication and intervention-free birth- I think that's the point of the place. And they have birthing tubs! Good luck and welcome to town!
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  • A friend works at Lisa Ross and says it is amazing!  This is my 3rd baby, but first one being delivered in Knoxville.  I'll be delivering at Physician's Regional.  

    Welcome to Knoxville!
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    Try contemporary women's health by parkwest, they rock!!
  • You may want to check with CPMs in the area if you feel comfortable with home birth!
  • A friend of mine just had her son at Lisa Ross and loved it. She said they were very accommodating throughout the entire process.
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