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If I have a travel system do I need a stroller frame and vice versa?

If I have a travel system do I need a stroller frame?
If I have a stroller frame, do I need a travel system?
So I guess my choices are a travel system OR a frame and a standard stroller.
Appreciate your help.

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Re: If I have a travel system do I need a stroller frame and vice versa?

  • I think it's usually an either/or situation. If you find a stroller you love that happens to have a great carseat that snaps right into it, then by all means go for the system! But if you're not really in love with the stroller, and you're only considering it because the carseat you like goes with it, then I'd say you're probably better off with just a carseat and frame. FWIW, I think I am one of the few who actually loved my system. I had the Britax Chaperone with the matching Chaperone stroller, and it was great as a system, but then I continued to love both pieces on their own once the (short-lived) days of using the carrier were over.
  • Get a frame to hold your carseat and then a stroller of your dreams.

    Sure you could go with a car seat attachment for a fancy stroller but that ends up being a travel system then, which is just a bulky and heavy as any Graco/Chicco travel system that people will tell you not to get. IMO a frame is a better option.
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  • You don't need both.

    People hate on travel systems, but not all travel systems are created equal. We have the Britax B-Safe & B-Agile travel system, absolutely love it!

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  • This is baby 3 for me and my city mini with car seat adapter is still one of my favorite purchases ever. Awesome stroller and the adapter bar takes zero room to store when you're done with it. We used it with a chicco keyfit. .
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  • We LOVE our stroller dram and use it all the time. Didn't even use regular stroller for at least 6 months.
  • With my daughter we bought a travel system. It was fine until she was big enough where we put her in a convertible car seat. Then I quickly learned that I hated the stroller. (Didn't have enough recline settings, was too reclined when most upright, etc.)

    With my son I decided to go with an infant car seat plus stroller frame, that way by the time he was done with the infant seat I had a better idea of what sort of stroller I wanted for him (reversible seat? umbrella style? something bigger?). We wound up with a Baby Jogger City Mini and also have an older Maclaren Techno that we use for backup or places where we need/want a lighter smaller stroller. We would've done fine with just the BJCM but we got an amazing deal on the Mac Techno used ($15!).

    With this baby we'll use the BJCM with the infant seat adapter. Now that we have it and I know we like it, it's a whole different ballgame!
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