Home visit this week!

Eeeek. I'm so nervous. I have my individual interview tomorrow, then the home visit is on Thursday.

I know it's not a white glove inspection, but I'm still nervous. DH is busy with work, so he won't have much time to help get things ready.

We need to put together our fire plan and disaster plan too. Everytime I feel like I must be getting to the bottom of the paperwork, there's another stack.

There's no point to this except that I know you all will understand.
Meghan and Jonny- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - May 1, 2010
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Re: Home visit this week!

  • Good luck!
  • Thanks!

    Individual interview today went well. I thought of so much to say after I left of course while on the spot I had a hard time coming up with answers for a couple easy questions. I feel like that always happens.

    I have so much to do before Thursay! Paperwork. Clean. Dr apt. Some homework/course work. I cannot wait for Friday.
    Meghan and Jonny- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - May 1, 2010
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  • That's awesome! Sounds like you had a great week. We had our first home visit last night after having submitted our application . Now we wait for training, but have paper work to work on.

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  • Our SW told us that the house is just a house and that they are only looking for safety things.  She said that the importatnt part is the human components, more than the building.  That being said, I am sure that I will scrub every nook and crevice before she actually comes!

    We were told this too. By this board, by googling, and by our social worker. Yet we spent weeks organizing and cleaning out stuff for goodwill... and a couple days deep cleaning. Good news: our place looks awesome now! More good news: we finally unpacked boxes from our move 4 years ago.

    Meghan and Jonny- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - May 1, 2010
  • Glad everything went well!
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