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disposable or washable nursing pads?

Can anyone fill me in on the pros and cons of each? Which did you use, or would you say is more worth it? I have a handful of disposable ones from freebie bags, but haven't bought any yet.

Re: disposable or washable nursing pads?

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    When I needed them, I used the Lansinoh disposable ones. But I didn't leak much so I didn't use them often.

    But then again, I never even tried the washable ones so I'm not sure if they are worth it. I'm sure someone else has used them.

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    I only used the Lansinoh disposable ones but I didn't really have a lot of leaking for very long. They did annoy me because they bunched up a lot but I don't have any experience with any others. I would recommend the Lansinoh gel soothie pads for sore nipples. When they came right out of the fridge they felt great.
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    I was looking into the bamboobies ones. I never thought to go to their actual site, and it looks like for $35 they have a package of 6 washable ones with the washing bag, plus the nipple cream (which I was gonna get at target for $25), so it seems like that might be a good option. I haven't had any leaking issues yet... Hopefully it stays that way when my actual milk comes in?!
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