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Friends- this is way harder than I ever could have imagined. She's cluster fed the past three nights (last night was fussing and feeding from 12am-7am). I just bawled the whole time. Just made the decision and gave her a little formula. I've never wanted something so bad, I'm sad my expectations don't match experience I guess. My nerves and nipples can't handle it. Thank goodness for amazing DH who just looks at me and says you're doing amazing. She's amazingly happy and content sitting swaddled in her bassinet right now after three straight hours of screaming and attempting to latch. This is a win. Thanks for listening ladies :)

Hoping to put pump together and see if my nipples can handle it to help promote milk coming in.
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    ((Hugs)) The first few weeks were the hardest. I was able to BF for up to 5 months but supply started dropping (for various reasons) and DD dropped in the percentiles. I felt so much like a failure when I had to give formula but baby needs to be fed and that is of the upmost importance. Don't feel bad if it doesn't work out but also in hindsight I wish I had more support BFing. I really had no one to talk to about it at the time that understood. Do you have a lactation consultant that you can see? Don't hesitate to ask anything we are here for support.
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    HUGS! Hang in there! It's SO hard at the beginning but don't give up. Especially if this is something you want.

    I had a terrible time at the beginning. And my milk didn't fully come in until a full week after giving birth! And don't freak out about supplementing a little. I had to after DD lost a full pound after a week. Doc had me pump for atleast 10 minutes after trying to feed baby each time. It will help the milk come in and build the supply. As for latch issues, don't be afraid to seek out assistance from a Lactation Consultant. They really can help!

    In the end, do what feels right. If you really want to BF. Keep trying. But at the same time, don't stress yourself out about it to the point where it becomes way more of a hassle than anything. As long as baby is healthy and fed, everything will be fine!

    But keep on, keepin on girl! It will get better! (Even though I hated hearing that 50 million times from so many really is true).

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