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Our group has experienced some painful losses. This is a friendly reminder that our BMB is a public internet forum.  When it comes down to it, we don't "know" one another and taking up collections for these moms may not be the best idea.  However, we also know that this group is filled with compassionate and caring women who may want to make a donation in honor of our Angel Babies. 

Therefore, to avoid any accusations of a member being less than honest when "collecting" funds to help a grieving mother, I would like to suggest that you make a donation to March of Dimes if you wish to honor our angel babies.  Below is the link you can use to donate using their online and offline options .  You can either donate in honor of a specific baby or honor the D14 Angel Babies in general.  If you donate, feel free to comment on this thread so these special moms know their little ones will not be forgotten.

The following is a link to where we have remembered our earlier Angel Babies:

Edit: As an FYI, it appears that donations between now and December 15th will be matched thereby making an individual $25 donation become a $50 donation to March of Dimes .  Further details are in the link below.  (I will remove this edit section after December 15th)

(Special thanks for S14 for providing the template)

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