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Second thank you card?

I have an etiquette question. I received my crib in the mail a few weeks before my shower. It was from my aunt and her five daughters/daughters in law. I sent them each a thank you card after I received it. At my baby shower, they ended up also giving me my diaper bag, bibs, sippy cup, blanket, diapers, and wipes. I had not expected to get more from them! Do I send another thank you card? I already thanked them once, but I don't want them to think I'm ignoring the second part of their gift. On the other hand, does getting two thank you notes seem like overkill?

Re: Second thank you card?

  • I would definitely send a second card.
  • Huh??? Overkill of what?? Did you get two separate gifts on separate occasion or not? YES. Then you owe them two separate thank you cards. Now, if you had waited with the first card till after you received the second gifts you coyld have included both thank yous on one card. But not in this case.
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