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How to select cheese and where to buy?

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edited December 2014 in Babies: 9 - 12 Months , my 10 month old had a bad cashew allergy couple of weeks back and we went to see an allergist yesterday. Came out positive for cashew and pista. And a go for all other diary (which I am so relieved about).

Now, where do I buy cheese. Heard block cheese is better and fresh than pre made slices. Also, I am finding it hard to get blocks of American / Colby / jack (as suggested by wholesome . Please give me tips ...I could really use them.

I plan on shredding and slicing (For finger food) and melting it over broccoli and asparagus for now.

Also, what were your first cheese go-to's? (Am I doing it right to get hold of some American / Colby/jack?)

(I live in Colorado so...any stores in here that I can go buy some good cheese ?)

Thanks so much !!

Re: How to select cheese and where to buy?

  • I'm confused. Are you looking for a special kind of cheese? Walmart, Aldi, Trader Joes, all have good prices on block cheese and most grocery stores have a deli section with a selection of block cheeses.
  • Don't add it to veggies yet. Just let it be a new thing to try, on its own.

    And also, you seem really uninformed about where to buy cheese. Do you not eat it yourself? If you don't eat it, baby doesn't need to eat it. If you do eat it, give baby whatever kind of cheese you eat, just cut into a size that isn't a choking hazard.

    The only kind I avoid are the (usually American) slices which are labelled a "pasteurized cheese product" instead of natural cheese.
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