Vaginal Delivery with or without epidural?

Hello ladies my OB said I can most likely have a vaginal birth but she recommends the epidural not for pain but incase I need to have an emergency c section. If I don't have epidural and one baby is out and the other needs a c section they would have to put me to sleep and I will end up missing the second baby birth. I really didn't want the epidural but I also don't want to be put to sleep. How was your experience? Thank you in advance !

Re: Vaginal Delivery with or without epidural?

  • I wasn't able to have a vag birth, and didn't need a crash section (where they would have put me all the way under) but I really didn't think getting the epi would make a lick of difference if you did have to be put under. You'll have an IV placed no matter what, so if it becomes a crash, they'd be able to put you out regardless. If you don't want an epi, don't get one. 
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  • Some hospitals will let you get the epi placed but not actually have meds flowing through it so in case u do need to use it quick it's already placed. You might ask about this option
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  • I had a vaginal birth with epi and wouldn't have done it any other way! I was thinking I'd hold off as long as possible but once actual contractions started (I was induced so I know they say they can be more intense with Pitocin) they couldn't give it to me fast enough! As I told my sister, epidurals are a gift from God haha!
  • With my singleton, I had a vaginal with epi and had a good birth experience. With the twins (they were preterm), I had one without an epi - the anesthesiologist had the needle in my back when I delivered in the L&D room and the second was delivered in the OR in breech position. Overall, it wasn't a bad experience. Everything just happened so fast and the situation dictated what they did.

  • Some hospitals will let you get the epi placed but not actually have meds flowing through it so in case u do need to use it quick it's already placed. You might ask about this option

    This was an option for me (and the one I would've gone with) had I been a candidate for a vaginal delivery.

    Instead, I had an emergency c/s under general.

  • Somehow half my response got cut off and I can't edit on mobile right now, but I added that the important thing is that you and the babies are healthy and safe and not so much how they arrive

    Hope you and your doctor can figure out an option you're comfortable with!
  • I know there are at least a few ladies on this board who have delivered without an epidural. I thought about this a lot because I was inclined toward a drug-free birth. In the end I opted for the epidural. My MFM had explained to me that when things go haywire with a vaginal twin birth, it's almost always with Baby B. Even though I was nearly full term and my birth was not complicated, things got very tense in the OR after Baby A was out. I wanted everyone in the room, including myself, my husband and my caregivers to be able to focus on getting Baby B out safely instead of managing my pain. The epidural itself was heaven - I had not been comfortable in months! I would not change a thing even though in retrospect I probably could have safely gone without. I actually think you can make it a game day decision, too, and make your choice depending on how your labor is going. Good luck!

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  • Thank you for all your replies! I am
    Actually in the hosptial right now being induced at 36 due to high blood pressure, they said we will discuss pain management in the morning once things start to move along. I appreciate your feedback! And will keep you posted!
  • Oh wow good luck!! Wishing you a safe delivery, how exciting you get to meet your babies soon! Thinking of you all
  • I wanted an epi and it worked wonderfully.  I was able to have them both vaginally without any pain during delivery. 
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  • LolaDair said:
    I had a natural delivery with my oldest so I definitely dont think you NEED an epi for pain management. I would want to know if, when faced with an emergent situation, whether an epi will have time to be effective anyway for a c/s. IME a crash c/s has needed a general anesthetic regardless. If it was me, I would have a IV port placed so there is access in case of emergency, but not have an epi. JMO. 
    I don't know the answer but I can tell you that when the anesthesiologist administered the drug when I was in the OR (after I delivered twin A without meds) that my legs were tingling real quick after administration and I wasn't able to push with contractions resulting in someone socking me in the abdomen to mimic a push since massaging wasn't working (and they had to get him out quick due to breech presentation). I cant give exact time but I'd say it was within a minute. He told me he was administering and then immediately asked me about sensation of my legs.
  • Honestly the chance of having one vaginally and the other via c/s is pretty slim, if going without an epi is important to you then don't get one.  It's just weighing the pro's and con's on what would be worse, losing out on the birth you planned for a slim chance, or possibly missing the birth of one of your babies?

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  • It was highly recommended that I get an epidural especially if baby b was head down. I thought about seeing if they could place it without the medicine. I would have gotten it, but it went too fast and I didn't have time for the epidural so I'm so glad there were no complications.
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  • Also keep in mind, that they would only knock you out in an emergency situation.  You could deliver A vaginally and find out that you'll need a c/s for B but it not be an EMERGENCY situation and you have time for an epidural or spinal.  

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  • @lilydolce‌ How are you and the babies? Hope all is well, can't wait to see some cute pics!
  • Congrats @lilydolce - hope you and the babies are doing well!!

    For future lurkers, I recommend this book:
    It doesn't push one way or the other, but has great explanations on your options and what each means.  
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  • I had both a vaginal and c section with my twins. I delivered this past Tuesday. I had an epidural and had hoped to birth both vaginally. They turned downed my epi to 6 while pushing baby A. When baby A came out, baby b turned sideways. They tried to turn her but could not. Then her water broke (di di twins) and they had to go to emergency c section. They dialed the epi up to 15 and went in to get her. If I had not gotten numb then GA would have had to be administered and I would have been completely out. I was glad I was awake for the c section so I could see both my babies right after or during. It calmed me during a chaotic time.
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    The only advice I can give you is don't over do the epi like I did. I couldn't crown baby A and ran out of energy, because I couldn't feel a thing. Baby A was right there too. :(. (Husband abd nurses saw her head) The OB thought I would struggle with B and I had to make a tough choice to have a c section this past Monday. I didn't want the double whammy. GL!
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