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OB/gyn needed; live in Renton but work in Seattle(mostly)

I am about 4 weeks with my first.  I live in Renton but don't really want to go to Valley.  I work in Seattle Wed/Fri and a couple Mondays, a couple Tuesday afternoons.  The other Mondays and Thursday I am up in Canyon Park/Bothell.  I have thought I would like to go to Bellevue as I really like Overlake from past experiences there, but it might not be easy to find time to go to Bellevue for checkups.  So now I am thinking Seattle....I work in the 1101 building on Madison and there are a couple OB/gyn clinics around in the building.  Anyone go to any of these docs or have any thoughts on my predicament?  Thanks!

Re: OB/gyn needed; live in Renton but work in Seattle(mostly)

  • I see Dr. Dvorak in Bellevue at the Medical Business park.  She has been amazing.  The office is also very easy to work with for appointments. I will be delivering at Overlake in February. 
  • I am also in Renton and went to valley Ned. I delivered on 12/12 and had Dr.kovack she is amazing! Great in delivery she also did our sons circumcision. The birthing center was great as well and it was perfect!
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  • In bellevur I go to bellegrove obgyn. A few days a week they are open til 8. It's right across the street from overlake. You definitely need to pick a place thst you feel is easy to get to. We live in renton, I work dwtn seattke and my hubby works in Redmond so for us bellevue is a good middle ground.
  • I went to Seattle OBGYN and really like that practice.  They deliver at Swedish First Hill.  I think that you are going to have to think about where you would like to deliver.  I had two preemies.  At the time, I was living and working in Queen Anne, so it was more convenient for me to be close to that pracitice and hospital.  The thing about childbirth is that you do not know when it is going to happen.  Both of my kids came during the night. 
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  • How funny!! I live in Seattle too, and go to the Seattle ob/gyn in building 1101 :) I love them, I think it's office #950.
    They have fantastic reviews and it's the only place I go.
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