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how often do you give LO presents?

DD is 2.5.  It is just too easy for me to pick up little $10 gifts for her and there. Amazon basically owns me.  I've been stocking up for Hanuka/Christmas but her pile is getting BIG!  Melissa and Doug...Disney...Lincoln Logs....  Accessories for her kitchen.  Accessories for her doll.  Puzzles. Dress up.

I don't think she can process over a dozen gifts in the span of 2 weeks (considering what her grandparents and our family will also give her).  I can hold them and give her one per month or so later on?  We are currently in this phase where bribery is the only thing that works.  But I do worry that she'll develop unrealistic expectation that every time she does what she is supposed to do she'll receive some extrinsic reward.  Maybe I'm paranoid.

Do you regulary give your kids new "stuff"?

Re: how often do you give LO presents?

  • I have a hard time doing it, but my mom always tells me to pack away half the toys DD receives for Christmas, then rotate them out.  She did this when we were younger, and since our birthdays were close to Christmas, those got combined.  I feel like my kid's memory is like a steel trap and she remembers everything, so you have to do it pretty quickly after they receive the gift.
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  • Honestly?  Almost never.

    She's the only grandchild, so she's spoiled rotten.  If we happen to be out shopping and she's been behaving, I might let her pick something out.  The last thing I bought her was a Jake and the Neverland Pirates guitar from the second hand store we were shopping in.


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  • Not too often here, but probably more than I need to. He has a lot, but he'd usually rather play with us than just his toys. I'm always on the lookout for something that he might play with by himself or that I think will help him learn something he's ready for.
    He does get a lot of treats, though. Not necessarily unhealthy, but definitely bribes. We can't go grocery shopping without getting him something to snack on while we're there. It's bad.
  • She will get random gifts here and there for various reasons. Nothing expensive- we tend to save that for Christmas.  But she'll randomly get things under $10 or so just when we feel like it.  Not sure it's "right" but we tend to reward with small toys. (i.e. super good grades on report card, the only one who got a 100% on her science test in class, etc). Stuff like that.
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  • @MissPeansMama‌ our LOs have the same birthday!

    DS gets gifts at Christmas/Hanukkah, Easter and his birthday. He knows that's when gifts are given. Summer toys are given at easter. During the year I'll occasionally pick something out that he wants and he's at an age where he has a little money he can spend (from birthdays or change SO gives him). He doesn't have tons of toys but we don't need them. He plays with what he has and its contained. He much prefers to go and do things- out for ice cream, children's museum, etc. I do get him small incentives when we go to the dr for blood work, etc in conjunction with his celiac monitoring.
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  • The only time we've tried bribery was the Paci Fairy, which did work.

    I used to pick him up developmentally-appropriate things all the time. And books. But that's tapering off as he gets older (he's 3.5) and not hitting new stages every three months. That was more for me than for him anyway.

    He still doesn't really ask for things, in part because he never sees commercials, and I'm enjoying that while it lasts.
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  • Not super often so far. Her birthday is June so it's kind of nice that she has six months between Gift giving events.
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