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Since I started posting up a storm a bit ago I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself.  I'm a recently married SM to SS11 and DH and I plan to start TTC in January.  Life has its ups and downs but overall the step family situation is not too rocky so far - SS and I have a good relationship and TM is not terrible for the most part.  Really can't stand her husband and I force myself not to think of the awful things she did to DH during their divorce (in 2007), but otherwise it's okay.  SS is somewhat special needs - he has a few conditions (apraxia and discalculia) that cause him to struggle a lot in school and with fine motor skills.  He is having to repeat a grade this year, and DH and TM (understandably) both have a tendency to baby him since he often gets frustrated and loses selt-esteem when trying to do things that are difficult.  With some gentle encouragement I've helped DH realize how much SS can do, and SS is so proud of himself. 

We've discussed having a baby with SS, and he is super excited about having a sibling (he really wants a brother, but I'm all for a sister!).  I'm hoping that enthusiasm continues as we work to expand our family!

Me: 33  DH: 39  Married 5/17/14
TTC #1 - Jan 2015

Formerly known as JennyH81

DH has one son (11) from prior marriage
Baby Girl Pug is my furbaby

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