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Weaning from pacifier...HELP!

LO will be 1 Jan. 9 (#TIMEFLIES). While I am off over Chrisman break I want to start weaning him from the paci. I have started taking it when i get home around 7pm not giving it to him until he goes to bed @9pm. We are usually so active in evening that he doesn't miss it. I also take it as soon as he wakes in morning. He has always whined for paci throughout the night instead of putting back in his mouth himself. It wears us out as im sure many of you can attest. Has anyone started or weaned with older LOs? Please share any tips that worked for you.

Re: Weaning from pacifier...HELP!

  • With DS, we went cold turkey. However, he was older (2yo) and only used it for sleep at that point, we had weaned from the car a few months earlier. With DD, she was sick a few weeks ago and wouldn't sleep with it (only ever took it for sleep) so I just kind of seized the opportunity and she hasn't had it since.

    I would personally go cold turkey. However, if you want a more gentle approach, I would wean down to sleep and car use only to start. Once you've succeeded, then you can remove from the car and eventually from sleep. There will probably be some protesting.

    Another thing you can do is encourage him to lose interest by damaging the paci. Cut a hole in the tip and so he won't be able to properly suck on it. Some say that when that happens, they lose interest and so it's easier to get rid of it.

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  • Thx for the help. We are not giving it to him while awake. He goes to DC 2 days a week & we've asked them not to, but we haven't checked in with them.
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    If he likes Elmo, the song "Put Down the Pacifier: Bye Bye Binky Song" might help!
    Also - my sister did a funeral for the pacifier and then they went cold turkey - one more idea for you. But her daughter was 3 years old back then.
  • We are still using them at night only for both kids. Neither takes a lovey. I give no fucks. The dentist doesn't care & if it ain't broke don't fix it, IMHO.

    Do you have a soothing alternative? Blanket? Lovey? Because going from comforting sucking to nothing is rough.

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  • @GillianB32‌ thx & where can I get this song you speak of. He loves Elmo. Heard of the funeral & similar ideas but it wouldn't make sense to him at 11.5 months.
  • @PrimRoseMama‌ I hear what your saying but I need sleep. DS won't even try to find the paci in MOTN, but he stuffs it in any other time. That's the only thing that keeps us up at night and mamma needs more sleep. Also, he doesn't have an alternative that he goes to. He has a curious George and a lovey in his crib at all times but he doesn't rely on them.
  • We are on our 4th night of cold turkey paci weaning & it is going pretty good. No issues so far praise The Lord!
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